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The Elder Scrolls Online

Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Bethesda Softworks has released the first trailer teasing the upcoming MMORPG based on the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Watch the video below to catch your first glimpse of what The Elder Scrolls Online is all about, or check out our June cover reveal for a few tidbits about the game and our upcoming issue.

Despite the fact that your brain is full to bursting with everything there is to know about the game, make sure to check out the first screenshot of the game itself, and click the banner to visit the hub for an entire month of exclusive content from video interviews to expanded details that didn't find a home in our June cover story.

  • YES!
  • Uhhhh...okay...that was kind of lame....how about showing some part of the game? I'm on the fence about this game and that trailer did nothing to change my mind.
  • Well, it looks like The Elder Scrolls VI won't be coming out any time soon... if at all
  • was that good old Tim Curry i heard?
  • Meh.
  • I'm praying to god that this game turns out to be good.
  • Snore

  • Yawn, that was a boring teaser, bad audio as well. But hopefully this MMO will turn out to be something special.
  • Getting excited for more information? I'll just leave this here...

  • Even if I would be interested in the game, this teaser was forgettable.
  • Guys, its a teaser. Teasers generally don't show any gameplay. But nice, hopefully my computer can handle it.
  • They better not *** it up or they going get a lot of people really mad.

  • When Skyrim came out, someone found out that entering a no clip command allowed the person to view ALL of Tamriel in Skyrim. I wonder if that had a connection to this MMO?
  • Not feeling entirely optimistic about this project... perhaps it's the 100% single-player DNA of the franchise, perhaps it's the exceptionally off-putting voice-work from this teaser?
  • That is a horrible trailer, why produce something that shows nothing from the game. They should have just stuck with the photo for now.
  • Want. Now.

  • Bleh.

  • They need to announce what platforms it's coming to. If it's not on xbox, I realize how likely that is, then I won't be able to get it.
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