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The Elder Scrolls Online

First Screen And Details On Elders Scrolls Online

One picture may be worth a thousand words, but even that isn’t enough to convey the breadth of ZeniMax’s new MMO.

Yesterday you got a glimpse of Game Informer’s June cover story, Elder Scrolls Online. Today, we give you an exclusive first look at what the game will look like in action.

What’s going on here?
In this image, you can see a couple player characters battling some Storm Atronachs. Storm Atronach are a species of daedra (divine creatures that come from magical dimensions) that are constructed from stone and held together by magic. The most powerful of all the atronachs, Storm Atronach are immune to normal weapons and shock attacks, are resistant to poisons, and can reflect spells back at their caster.

Is that all?
Behind the battle is a series of daedric ruins. These great towers were built long ago by an ancient race of people, but they’re not the only landmarks players will discover throughout their journey. As players travel through Skyrim, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and the rest of Tamriel they will encounter various dwarven ruins, ancient nordic tombs, decayed dwemer buildings, and many other ancient locales, some of which players may have discovered in previous Elder Scrolls games.

I still want more!
We know you do, but that’s all for today. If you missed it, Elder Scrolls Online’s first teaser trailer released earlier today, and check back next week for more exclusive Elder Scrolls content.

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  • I know I have been wanting an Elder Scrolls MMO for some time now and this will attract some new MMO players, I just hope the game-play is still ultimately the same. I realize some actions and materials will change, but I have just been so burned out on mass multiplayers lately with all the monotony. I will, however, definitely play this though.  

  • BOOOO. fallout online> elder scrolls online :D

  • Personally, I don't want this game to break new ground. Unless breaking new ground means learning from the mistakes of all the other MMOs out there. TES Online should take a tip from SW Galaxies, and by this I mean the FIRST incarnation of the game. Like SWG, TES Online should provide a sandbox environment, as well as the complex skill/class trees and rich crafting environment we all expect from a TES game. If TES Online is going to be a re-skinned version of WoW, SWToR or any of the other lackluster, controlled environment, mickey-mouse playstyle MMO's out there, please just forget it... I'm hoping Zenimax stays true to the TES legacy. If they don't, this project will flop, and I mean BIG TIME!
  • I like!

  • Why do the graphics look cartoonish? that or im used to the graphics in skyrim lol

  • This is a scary thought. Flight or Fail. I can't see Bethesda failing at a game, but this is new territory. I don't know how I feel about this yet... its strange, but not bad.

  •   I always get a kick out of people knocking MMOs for their "below or cartoony graphics" but you have to realize that if MMOs had top of the line graphics such as your big name single player games, 80% of people either couldnt run them at all or at the least be laggy as all get out. It's not just bandwidth that affects gameplay but the level of graphics as well.

      Not everyone has or can afford a top of the line gaming pc like some of us. There isn't an MMO company out there that would risk not having the subscription base because noone can run the game.

  • I am super excited to see how this develops. It is set in such a rich fantasy world that it has endless possibilities.

    Anyone else have a boner?

  • Storm Atronachs sound OP as hell.

  • I hope the game sticks to locations and landmarks they way they were laid out in previous games.

  • Looks more like Fable 1, than Elder Scrolls to me...

  • Looks more like Fable 1, than Elder Scrolls to me...

  • Maybe I will have a gaming laptop by the time this comes out. My computer will not be able to handle all of this awesomeness!

  • when will it come out?

  • nah i dont think a elder scrolls mmo is a good idea. instead, they should have made another game for the console and let u connect online so people can help u when u wanted it. this is probably gonna be like another WoW or something similar.

  • I was going to play until i learned is not an action hack and slash like alot of new mmos are......sounds like another wow, or rift, or swtor...ZZZZzzzzzz hope they decide to change it......

  • I was going to play until i learned is not an action hack and slash like alot of new mmos are......sounds like another wow, or rift, or swtor...ZZZZzzzzzz hope they decide to change it......

  • OMG ITS GONNA B SO COOL!! but it looks like u guys r tryin to bring back the old oblivion look and creatures i like the skyrim creatures and their look and the creatures looked more realistic, but i will try this to see the tamriel but it would b a lot more cool if it had skyrims graphics and the same style of creatures!

  • Sorry, but Elder Scrolls is for us single player folk. This just seems like a money grab from the big wigs who want to cash in on the success of Skyrim. "WoW makes millions! Do a game with the E.S. IP and it will sell like gang busters! Plus, we can charge a subscription fee!" No thank you.

  • Looks great, can't wait