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PvP Will Be Integrated Into The Story

Ubisoft is becoming adept at E3 surprises. In 2012, Watch Dogs wowed the gaming community. This year belonged to Tom Clancy's The Division.

In a new question and answer post on the UbiBlog, The Division game director Ryan Barnard answers some questions about how the next-generation game is taking shape. One of the big points is that the title won't have a separate multiplayer component.

The player-versus-player action that was shown in the E3 video will be fully integrated into the story experience. "We wanted to integrate it into the storyline and add an element of mystery, so you don’t know who is a friend and who is an enemy," Bernard says.

He also discusses the importance of loot, but assures that it won't be so critical as to create an enormous gulf between veteran players and those new to the title's post-event Manhattan. Weapon and drone customization are also important parts of the experience.

The latter will be controlled via smart devices running Android, iOS, or Windows 8. The experiences may differ slightly between phone and tablet and across platforms, but the core elements will be the same.

For more on The Division, check out the UbiBlog. The Division is due in late 2014.


Our Take
The Division is one of Ubisoft's most ambitious projects yet. The title was just announced for PC, completing the now-common next-gen triangle (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC).

Whether Ubisoft Massive can pull off an experience that is both fitting of the Tom Clancy name and compelling enough to keep players engaged in its open world is something we won't know until we have a better sense of combat and story. I'm cautiously optimistic, but have a lot of questions yet to be answered.

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  • This will be absolutely ground breaking if they manage to pull this off well :) a whole new era and field of Multiplayer gaming.

  • Totally random and not related to the topic at all (well, maybe tangentially), but didn't Massive make World in Conflict? I loved that game! Too bad I "upgraded" the Dell I was using to Vista a few months later. Couldn't run it on anything other than lowest settings after that. That, plus completely losing Battlefield 2, was a sad day...

  • Sounds like a great Idea in theory. I can imagine it could be very frustrating if all you encounter is players who just shoot everything they see. Also difficulty for a player that's not so great or new to the game could be a problem when they keep encountering well organised and seasoned squads. I am excited about the concept but worried about the reality.
  • Cant wait, one of tom clancys better releases.

  • If they can pull this off then it'll be even more amazing. I've been on board since it was announced, this news just makes me more excited. With PvP throughout the story its the start of a great recipe for random intense fire fights & on the fly use of strategy. You can predict AI movements if you watch em long enough but when you're fighting against another person sometimes all logical thinking goes out the window.

    I really hope this game turns out to be really really good.
  • Well if the division doesn´t require a monthly fee I will be getting this for pc.
  • With Titanfall and the Division I really like how they integrate narrative to multiplayer.

  • This only hyped me more. Love seamless integration, and I mainly play online in these types of games anyhow. This could make for some tense moments also after beating up on the generic AI.

  • And what if I don't subscribe to the online service of my chosen console?
  • This is a bit of a letdown for me since, in my opinion, the one thing worse than competitive multiplayer is competitive multiplayer I am forced to participate in (same reason why I tend to avoid PvP servers in MMO's). Here's hoping Ubisoft changes their minds and makes PvP optional before the game's release cause this just might be a deal-breaker for me.
  • Amazing!

  • I like this design thread. L4d, the souls games and others have played with it I'm interested in seeing this iteration of it.

  • Guess I won't be playing this game then.

  • man i cant wait for this game

  • ahhh i don't know how i feel about this second screen stuff.

  • I've always liked the few tom clancy games I have played so I'm sure I'll like this, I hope they give players incentives to work together though, like "hey work with this guy and it'll be a lot easier and you'll get more xp and maybe even a special customization thing, can't get that by just killing his ass!"

  • Should be interesting just like Dark Soul's "coop".