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Ubisoft Shows Off Tablet Functionality

Today at Microsoft’s Xbox One showcase in Cologne, Germany, the company showed off more SmartGlass functionality for MMO shooter, The Division. The abilities include airstrikes and stat-boosting buffs.

Players can use their tablet to drop into The Division sessions that are already in progress. The bird’s eye view allows tablet players to press and hold their fingers over enemies in the area to highlight them and make them easier targets for other players. Tablet users can also deploy area of effect buffs to boost their allies’ damage output. Finally, the demonstration also shows off the ability to deploy airstrikes. The demo concludes with an explosion of wood and debris as the missile hits a group of enemies on a rooftop.

The Division hits Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year. Microsoft also says that the Xbox One version of the game will feature exclusive content.

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  • The Division really caught my attention at E3. I was not expecting it at all. It looked Ubi-soft n tight. I will keep an eye out for it next yr. I won't use Smartglass but it's nice to know there's functionality with a current tablet or phone whereas some co require you to buy their expensive handheld hardware in addition to your phone or tablet that you have next to your laptop and PC, TV and console. Oh and lamp.
  • Where is the big news, GI?

    The Division is announced for PC! :)

  • I am open minded to the tablet and phone cohesiveness they are trying to include. My question is how does one go about using these devices without taking away from the ebb and flow of that intensity in such a game?
  • I foresee game of the year.

  • It seems like a lot more next-gen games are going to use this tablet connectivity. I'm guessing that this means it's going to become a norm in the not to distant future.

  • Gee, sure sounds like a perfect match for Wii U.

    Dangit, Ubi.

  • Don't matter Crap-box 1 I'm still getting this for the Ps4.
  • Just the fact that they can use a tablet on this game means that they should make this for the Wii U.
  • Very nice looking mechanics.

  • Why is it that Xbox One seems to be getting all the exclusive content for the big name games, despite Microsoft's reputation the last 4 months, and PS4 being 'created according to developers desired specs'? Is this all just Microsoft giving out big $$$$$ still for damage control?
  • Ubisoft has being doing a great job to pull surprises in E3...Watch_Dogs last year and now its the Division...looks really great and fun

  • PS4 requires all games to have vita support. I wonder if the vita for this will function as a remote play game or as the tablet version? It would be cool to have it work as the tablet given how hard it is to do shooting on the vita.