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PvP Will Be Integrated Into The Story

Ubisoft is becoming adept at E3 surprises. In 2012, Watch Dogs wowed the gaming community. This year belonged to Tom Clancy's The Division.

In a new question and answer post on the UbiBlog, The Division game director Ryan Barnard answers some questions about how the next-generation game is taking shape. One of the big points is that the title won't have a separate multiplayer component.

The player-versus-player action that was shown in the E3 video will be fully integrated into the story experience. "We wanted to integrate it into the storyline and add an element of mystery, so you don’t know who is a friend and who is an enemy," Bernard says.

He also discusses the importance of loot, but assures that it won't be so critical as to create an enormous gulf between veteran players and those new to the title's post-event Manhattan. Weapon and drone customization are also important parts of the experience.

The latter will be controlled via smart devices running Android, iOS, or Windows 8. The experiences may differ slightly between phone and tablet and across platforms, but the core elements will be the same.

For more on The Division, check out the UbiBlog. The Division is due in late 2014.


Our Take
The Division is one of Ubisoft's most ambitious projects yet. The title was just announced for PC, completing the now-common next-gen triangle (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC).

Whether Ubisoft Massive can pull off an experience that is both fitting of the Tom Clancy name and compelling enough to keep players engaged in its open world is something we won't know until we have a better sense of combat and story. I'm cautiously optimistic, but have a lot of questions yet to be answered.

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  • im not sold on this but i got my eye on it it looks good
  • So basically it's just an open world multiplayer story mode and the people whom you meet over the internet can join your Division or become your rival and will contribute to your individual story? That's dope. But one question (of many)...what happens when you die? Definitely a game to watch out for.
  • Yeah.... This is one of those games where I'm gonna wait until reviews come out about the game and what my friends think of the game when they get it. For some reason, I got a huge doubt about this game.
  • I don't understand why there's such a big movement to incorporate multiplayer into story mode. I'm the type of person that explores every inch of a map/level and having other people hurrying me up just serves as a nuisance.
  • I like everything I've seen from this game thus far. As long as they don't do something stupid like require a $15 a month subscription fee (yes, I'm looking at you Elder Scrolls Online), then this will be a day one purchase.
  • Finally, Tom Clancy is back in the game.

  • this game looks really promising.

  • really want this

  • Damn you, Journey -  Ubisoft played it and said, 'We the industry go ape for multiplayer - let's just bring reclusive gamers out of their shell and make them play with other people.  Yes, that will do!'  I just don't like gaming with people.  If this is a shooter, no loss for me - but if this is a tactical third person shooter I'll have to see more before deciding if I'll take this plunge.

  • This sounds good but I need a lot more to make me a believer.

  • Eh, I'm not an MMO person, so this isn't on my radar really.
  • Mod
    After seeing this game running, I lost my mind at the attention to detail in the world. I think the graphics are amazing, and it looks like it controls like a dream. I've re-watched that scene where he's having a shootout behind the car multiple times. It's been a while since I've seen a game wow me with stuff like bullet holes, destruction of environment, etc. - The last time I was that blown away was probably the demo for MGS2. Being able to shoot glass and watch it spiderweb, or shooting the bucket of ice and watching the ice melt in real time. That kind of stuff is one of the reasons I love video games, and The Division looks to have it in spades. I can't wait.
  • I love the direction this game is going in; although I am not a big fan of MMOs. There is a few things I need to see before I am completely sold on this game. Like if it is going to be pay by the month or one time fee, and how veterans will compete with other more causal players.

  • Looking forward to this game!

  • PvP whether I want it or not, huh? I guess this is another military shooter I won't be paying any attention to.
  • I can see this providing the same adrenaline rush that you got when you encountered other random survivors in Day Z. Never knowing how it's gonna end up (a confrontation? new allies?). If The Division can recreate a similar experience as a AAA quality game , then we've got ourselves one hell of a winner!

    This and Titanfall are by far my most anticipated games for PC!
  • definitely sounds interesting. The Division really got my attention at E3, and I've been waiting to hear more ever since. Not only does it look great, but including the PvP instead of separating it is not an experience I'm used to. Just more to look forward to.

  • The Division will be surprisingly bad...Not down right terrible, but the greatest "meh" game to start the next-gen. 7.0 I'm calling it.
  • so the new thing next gen seems to be "multiplayer integrated story mode"? sorry, but I want to still enjoy the solely single player version of newer games. I DON'T want to HAVE to play with ppl to enjoy a game. :(
  • Very ambitious indeed, and I like this integrated PvP feature. This is one of the next gen games I'm most excited about so I hope Ubisoft makes this game as cool as it sounds.
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