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The Division

New Screens Drop For The MMO Shooter

Ubisoft has been letting loose a breadth of new screens today and the Division has joined their ranks. Check out the image gallery below the story to see more of the melancholic world.

The Division is an MMO/third-person shooter hybrid that puts you in the boots of a soldier who's a part of The Division, a team working to hold up the ruins of the United States. As the world crumples around disease, famine, and war, it's up to you to keep it together.

You can play it on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC sometime in 2015. E3 also brought a wealth of information about The Division. Be sure to watch the gameplay demo and read our impressions.

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  • Devistation...? Am I missing something?
  • Most of those look like images taken from the footage they've already shown.
  • Mod
    I'm calling it now, there is no way that The Division is going to look this good on consoles when released. A PS4 simply can't handle this level of hype, it wasn't BUILT for this kind of hype. IT WASN'T BUILT FOR THIS KIND OF HYPE!!!
  • So there isn't a way to play this game without being online?

  • You really think the game will release next year?
  • After Watch Dogs, I remain skeptical of any future Ubisoft games unfortunately....
  • Can't wait for this game, still my most anticipated game. Glad MS got the exclusive content for this game and not destiny.

  • I'm still iffy on this game. The game looks great and fun but I'm not sure about the story or how the game will always be online.
  • in before graphical downgrade

  • a Ubisoft employee has already revealed they have already started making graphical downgrades...
  • None of this is new! What the hell.
  • No way the game looks like this on consoles. On PC, maybe, and even then only on super-beast machines (and only then maybe with a mod).

  • This game looks amazing but I fear it's not going to look this great upon release. Setting this expectation will have the same issue Watch Dogs did with the crazy negative PR and back and forth. That said, I'm extremely excited about this IP!