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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4's Unique Locales Show The Journey Won't Be Ordinary

Far Cry 4 is vast, so don't expect the same scenery the whole game. Ubisoft released some new screens to tease what's in store for protagonist Ajay Ghale.

From snowy mountaintops of the Himalayas to the mystical Shangri-La, you never know what you might encounter. That includes wildlife, as you'll see in the screens below, white tigers, elephants, and rhinos make an appearance. 

What are you most excited to explore in Far Cry 4?

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  • Looks good. I hope they do a better job in the protagonist this time around. I felt no desire to save Jason or his whiny friends. However, the third installment was still superb.

  • It'd wouldn't be a Far Cry game if the protagonists didn't ingest acid and go on a trip.
  • Geez what is with Farcry 3 and 4 going for the pure LSD fueled moments? They're weird as anything. Mythical Tiger as an ally fighting more primitive enemies. Sounds...interesting to say the least.

  • The diverse environments and interesting location is going to make this a great experience. From everything I know, this will easily topple Far Cry 3. Plus, Brody was so unlikable and annoying.
  • Aawesome. Can't wait to see the weather effects in person.

  • This looks great. My excitement has reached a new heights right now. Man I can't wait.

  • I'm looking forward to the pacing of everything, even they admitted it was weird to have your friends kidnapped, then you'll spend all day hunting animals, and doing side missions.

    I was real happy overall with FC3, and Blood Dragon. Just wish BD had more enemies once you beat it since you had such awesome weapons, maybe a game+ mode.

  • If I wasn't excited for this game before, I definitely am now after seeing the screenshot of a rhinoceros ramming a truck.
  • I'm loving the environmental variety. FC3 was fantastic, but the sameness of the environment was one of the few drawbacks, in my opinion.

  • I will admit I didn't give FC3 a fair shot (loved Blood Dragon btw), I just couldn't get into the locale and basic plot to be the chosen one to lead a rebell group. What I saw from FC4 on display yesterday makes me hopeful that I may yet get into the series once again. Loved FC1 and the remake and I like supernatural elements. Someone told me FC3 has some of that too... maybe I should give it another shot.
  • Man oh man.... I want this game.

  • I just want the bow to come back. I know there's a crossbow but its not the same. The bow was one of my favorite weapons.
  • Very vibrant. Can't wait to play this game.

  • I know it's still in development, but I really hope the weapons change substantially, just for variety-sake. A lot of FC3's weapons are shown in these screens.

  • looks really amazing. can't wait for the trip to himalaya.

  • can't wait to explore the Himalayas!

  • Can't wait to parachute off some mountains.

  • Very excite!
  • Everything :D

  • Very exotic looking. Farout I loved FarCry3 and i'm really looking forward to exploring the Himalayas. Plus the integrated Co-op is an improvement on the FC3's completely seperate co-op.

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