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The Cave

The Latest Trailer For The Cave Details More Characters

Double Fine and Sega have offered a new glimpse at The Cave, and we get to learn why a few more of the characters have found their way into the mysterious dwelling.

In this trailer we learn about The Adventurer, The Knight, The Time Traveler, and The Twins. We actually learned about The Twins in the last trailer for the game. I'm not sure if their inclusion in this trailer is a mistake, or maybe they get to double up on entries because there are two of them.

The Cave is a downloadable title coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PC, and Wii U next year.

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  • ...huh?

  • Very interesting, I really want to see more gameplay of this.

  • I forgot about this game!

  • Though I already saw this trailer. Oh well, still intriguing nonetheless.


  • Looks intriguing.

  • The only question I have is price point. I've been interested about this since I heard about it. Anything Ron Gilbert does is bound to be interesting in it's own right, but this (from the looks of it) reminds me a lot of Lost Vikings. That is a good thing. It better not be a $20 download on Xbox live (or however the h3ll many Microsoft Spacebucks = $20). 10 - 15 bucks & i'm in Day 1 without hesitation, probably the first game I buy in 2013.

  • This game has me very, very excited and I don't often get excited for downloadable titles!

  • oh. seems interesting.

  • Sounds fun :)

  • This game looks wicked.

  • Really want a release date soon. Super anxious to play this game. Not much from double fine has been worth playing since Psychonauts imo, but I have a feeling this will be the first exception.

  • I wasn't too excited about this game initially, but this trailer has turned my opinion around. I can't wait for the game to come out now.

  •            . .. . . . .............................

  • Hmm. This looks like a very interesting game. It looks like it's shaping up to be really good.


  • Love the art.

  • will this offer two player gameplay?