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The Cave

New Trailer Packs Whimsical Visual Variety

Ron Gilbert and Double Fine's The Cave introduces players to a mystical, talking cave that lets adventurers face the physical manifestation of their dreams. Given that the cast ranges from Hillbilly to Rocket Scientist to Monk, a wide variety of environments can be explored.

This trailer shows off everything from a Tibetan mountainside to a huge Ferris wheel. The Cave itself narrates the entire video and introduces you to a few of the game's heroes.

The Cave is due to release downloadably on 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U next. For more on the game, read our E3 2012 preview.

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  • Anything by Double Fine (Ex: Psychonauts) is usually bizarrely good! Can't wait for this title on PS3!

  • Looks intriguing, If I ever get a WiiU, I might look into this.

  • I expect good results.

  • Wasn't sure what to think about this game before. Now it looks like story is a big part. I'm in.

  • "The Cave is due to release downloadably on 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U next."  Next what, Tim??  Ahh!!

  • January? Awesome! I can't wait to play this. I think I am going to go with the Wii U version over the PS3 one. I tweeted Tim Schafer the other day and he actually tweeted me back about this game. I'm so glad Double Fine gave Ron the opportunity to do this game with them.

  • Been waiting for this to hit the Wii U since I got the thing.

    ...Um, little over a week ago.

    Okay, I've been waiting since I knew it would be on Wii U.

  • I'm getting a weird, PS1-era Final Fantasy vibe from that crystal monster. Game looks promising though, good to see Double Fine's creative juices are still gushing. Blegh.

  • I'm so excited for this!  I love Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine!  Wooo!

  • interesting!

  • This game looks real promising. I might just check it out, when it releases(so many good game releases). Now let's get started on Psychonauts2 please.
  • Now this looks promising. Never heard of it before, but this looks cool.

  • This one looks pretty fun.

  • looks pretty fun... probably not gonna buy it though, i don't get many downloadable games just because i would rather have the money for more retail games

  • Wonderful.

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    Believe you will love it.



  • What about the knight and the space girl? Looks really good. Might get this on Wii U when I get one.

  • Whimsically wonderful. Looks like a platformer straight out of Tim Burton.
  • "The Cave is due to release downloadably on 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U next"...Next what?!?!
  • I thought this came out.

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