2K Games and its 2K Marin studio have heard the cries of fans clamoring for more back story for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. After the success of The Burn Room, 2K Games has decided to flesh out the story of an alien attack on Pima, New Mexico.

In the first in a multi-part series, you'll see life just moments before (and during) the first phase of the incursion. There are a number of easter eggs peppered throughout (just like in The Burn Room). The difference is that many of these hint at things to come.

We'll update this story later with the full list, but we wanted to give you a chance to puzzle out the mystery. We can give you some hints, though.

First, there is a big name actor who will be featured later on. No, I'm not talking about Stephen Brand (The Scorpion King) who plays protagonist William Carter in the Burn Room trailer. I'm not even talking about Chase Johnston who plays young Kevin (he was in an Oreo commercial).

We're told there is a hint somewhere in the video, and if you are very clever, you might even figure out when the next video will be revealed. Yesterday, we ran a contest, which tasked readers to translate a message in morse code. Given the challenge of converting the dots and dashes by ear, we also hid a graphical version of the code on the page (in the line break underneath the picture of the lighter).

We had a number of entrants, but we could only pick eight winners to take home one of the lighters. They are:

  • Josh Straub
  • Andrew Ablong
  • Jonathan Holman
  • Chris Chambers
  • Jessie Scott
  • Zachary Hedden
  • Rick VanderLeest
  • Jon Keyes

We'll be contacting you soon for shipping information. Congratulations!

Finally, Morse the Martian (the marionette featured on the television) is available on eBay. Proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified will arrive on August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Here is the list of easter eggs:

  • 00:36 – Something walks behind the curtain
  • 00:38 – Morse code can be heard... can any of you figure out what it says?
  • 00:59 – An Outsider alien can be clearly seen
  • 01:05 – There’s a lot going on in the 1-second blip (some of it has been pieced together in the comments... though not all of it, we think)
  • 00:06 & 00:44 – Photo of boy and his father on top of TV (Is this the hint that 2K was talking about? We're not sure.)
  • 01:27 – Silhouette that might not be human can be seen in the window’s reflection on the TV (We've seen the bike on its side in the Burn Room trailer, this seems like bad news.)