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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Did You Find All Of The Burn Room Trailer's Easter Eggs?

Earlier today, we shared news that a series of live action trailers for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified will begin tomorrow. Before you watch the first video in the morning, why not revisit the Burn Room? The trailer received huge fan response, which prompted 2K to invest in more backstory and expand the series.

2K Games has shared with us an extensive list of Easter Eggs for the trailer that accompanied the reveal of The Bureau. How many of them did you see on your first viewing, and which ones slipped past you?

Tune in tomorrow morning at 8 AM Eastern for the first of the live action trailers that will lead into the game's release on August 20, 2013. There's also still time to win a lighter emblazoned with The Bureau's motto.

Time stamped easter eggs:

  • 02:21 - Carter’s gauntlet is the one he wears in-game
  • 01:33 & 01:47 & 01:52 - Avenger spaceship
  • 02:03 & 02:08 & 02:18 - Titan enemy spaceship
  • 00:56 - Original XCOM logo
  • 01:36 - Alien Goo is Silacoid material
  • 01:25 - Elerium Lab written on door; an alien substance in the game
  • 01:55 -2K phone # on phone will play voicemail message
  • End - Klaxon Alarm goes off like in XCOM’s base in Enemy Unknown

Other easter eggs to watch for:

  • Newspaper clippings (and other redacted documents)
  • Photo of cabin the woods
  • Pima incident folder alludes to a mission in-game that takes place in Pima, New Mexico
  • Baseball card
  • Carter's dossier
  • Kid's Bike
  • Song: "Don’t Lie To Me" is kind of fitting since the theme in this trailer is “cover-up” and “conspiracy”

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  • Aaaaaand, I'm off to play some Enemy Unknown.
  • I saw a few but not all of these, well hidden stuff.

  • If you're wondering, the number is: 415-507-7616

  • Most of these were well hidden. I went back to watch after you put this list up to keep looking for more.

  • 2K is pulling out all the stops!