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Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Releases 7 Music Tracks From Super Smash Bros.

As promised, Nintendo has releases a number of tracks from the upcoming Super Smash Bros., including Mega Man's theme.

You can check out all the tracks in YouTube form below, and I saved the best for first with Mega Man's theme below.

You'll also find a new Kirby track:

A Mario & Luigi track:

A Nintendogs track with bizarre vocals:

A frantic Pokémon track with some screaming guitar:

A quaint The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, uh... track:

And finally a track titled Multi-Man Smash:

You can find the new music tab on the official Super Smash Bros. website by heading here.

Nintendo recently revealed that you will be able to use your 3DS as a sort of Super Smash Bros. portable music player with the ability to listen to tracks while your 3DS is asleep. For more on Super Smash Bros. and its many reveals, head here.

Super Smash Bros. launched on 3DS October 3. The release date for the WIi U version of the game is still up in the air.

[Source: Super Smash Bros.]

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  • Stop teasing us and give us the game already
  • Ahh mann. They even have the mario and luigi battle theme? I want to play now.

  • I'm not ashamed to admit that I really enjoyed the Nintendogs theme.

  • This game cant come fast enough. Come on Nintendo!

  • That mega man 2 theme! \m/

  • I'll have to give them a listen when I get home. Now, give me the release date so I can prepare...

  • I love 'em all!!

  • Fires my amateur composing heart. Hopefully I'll be able to create pieces just as good as these some day. Looking forward to the game when it launches.

  • Good thing no one else did this, otherwise there would be no music in the game either. Because that decision made so much sense with the story.

  • This is a great little tease.

  • I hope they give us the option to prioritize what music plays on which stages like in brawl.
  • Great tease indeed ! I found that the three are the best (pokemon, zelda and multi-man).

  • Uuuuuuuh! Uuuuuuuh! This is all so bad! Whoever composed that Poke'mon track forgot that it was supposed to be music. It kept on, like, de-railing the tune. This game doesn't deserve to be a sequel to Melee with such lame tunes. Melee's music was so freakin' epic.
  • Love the idea of being able to listen to the(what will be a spectacular) soundtrack. This will definitely be my travel music, dedicated Nintendo music beats Pandora any day of the week :P

  • Loves the tunes in Mega Man 2, but I really wish Capcom (and in this case, Nintendo) would stop pretending that nothing good came out of the series after the second game!

    Every single Mega Man game that came after MM2 had at least a few absolutely killer music tracks. And yet, they just keep harping on MM2 as if the series stopped there.

  • That Mega Man medley is made out of Victory, Jesus, and Sex.

  • Pure joy for my ears.

  • This is like Iwata eating a giant rack of ribs in front of starving homeless kids and then dangles the bones in front of them to get them excited. I guess you gotta starve the fans to keep them loyal Nintendo style.

  • Mod

    All of these are pretty good, but... that Mega Man one though. It's like an angelic chorus except with electric guitars.

  • I have to say, given the fact the list of the musicians working on this game is incredibly impressive, some of these songs are pretty disappointing. They absolutely butchered the Dream Team battle theme, and I don't know what the hell that Nintendogs song is supposed to be. That being said, a few questionable choices aside, the rest of the songs on display so far are all great. Hopefully, the rest of the OST is filled with others like them.
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