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Ike Joins The Super Smash Bros. Roster

Marth has a friend in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Nintendo has announced that his Fire Emblem compatriot Ike is making a return visit to the fighting game.

The reveal was accompanied with a new batch of screens from the game. While they obviously focused on Ike and his flashy sword attacks, they also provide a new glimpse of some of the other characters in the game. One of the best shots is from the 3DS version of the game, featuring Ike just before he becomes a snack for Balloon Fight's fish.

The 3DS version of the game will be arriving this summer, with the Wii U version following in the winter.

Take a look at our earlier Super Smash Bros. coverage in the meantime, including this look at the game's female villager.

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  • I know a lot of people who like to play as him. For me Ness all day.
  • One could say, "we like Ike".
  • I was very surprised to see this. I'm hoping this doesn't mean we won't be seeing any characters from Awakening... And is it too much to ask for a FE character that doesn't use a sword? I would love to see an Axe/Lance/Magic-wielder make it onto the roster.
  • Neato. He was one of my favorites, and was worried he wouldn't make it back.

  • Why Ike and Marth? Why not Chrom and Lucina?
  • Fredrick! He could use a variety of weapons and then have him come in on his trusty steed for the final smash!

  • Dang it. I like using Ike, but I was really hoping for Chrom or Lucina... hopefully, Nintendo will put in a third FE character.

  • Great, now replace marth with Roy. I always liked Roy better.
  • Mod
    Ike's cool and all, but... I wish it was Chrom. :\
  • Chrom's gonna be a alternate costume for Marth and Lucina might join the roster.
  • Ike looks...older. I'm glad that he is back. He is my third favorite character in Smash. 30 characters so far (if you count Z.S.Samus and Sheik). Hopefully one more character from FE makes it in but that seems....unlikely considering all the expected characters to come back.
  • Originally I was pretty disappointed by this, because I thought that it meant Chrom or Lucina wouldn't be appearing. But then I realized that the Pokemon characters in Smash follow the same trend as the Fire Emblem characters. In Melee, there were Roy and Mewtwo, but in Brawl they were replaced with the more recent Ike and Lucario. They confirmed Lucario would return, but that didn't stop them from also making Greninja playable. I'm really starting to think they just want to increase the representatives from more of these games, so they're keeping in the Brawl characters while also adding new, recent ones. Hopefully this is true, as I really just want to play as an Awakening character in the new Smash.
  • I knew Ike would make a comeback. He was really good in brawl but quite overpowered if you ask me, but maybe they toned him down a bit and maybe made him a little faster. If they were to add a female Fire Emblem character, I wonder who it would be? I personally didn't main him cause I prefer the faster characters like Sheik and Pikachu. I'll be getting the 3ds version, sadly not at launch, but eventually I will. I soooo can't wait to try Greninja and Rosalina!
  • I'm glad that he's back but I want Chrom in it as well. Surely they can fit in the main character of one of the best 3DS games. I'd even take Tharja.

  • He's slow but if any of his attacks connect they do some SERIOUS damage

  • IKE IS DA MAN. #ILikeIke
  • It's all meaningless until they announce Captain Falcon.
  • Mod
    Yes! Ike is awesome to play as.
  • Great... Ike the O.P.B (Over. Powered. B****), comes back to make things.... Unsatisfying. There better be a few BETA invites for this game Nintendo. And Sonic should be unlocked and already playable from the start of the game.
  • F'n awesome. I'm buying a wii u just for this.

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