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Black, Blue, And Pink – Peach Returning To Smash Bros.

Princess Peach is a vital part of the Mushroom Kingdom and an active participant in its various sporting events and adventures. It's no surprise that she's attending the next Smash Bros. battle, but she did bring some new screens along.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of her familiar moves, including her notorious Toad block. Hasn't her entourage suffered enough?

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  • Not surprising really. It seems like her moveset hasn't been updated though. So... we're seeing the same fighters with the same movesets they've always had... again?

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Smash Bros. But other than better graphics and 3 new contenders, how is this exactly going to be different than Brawl?
  • I like the ribbon spiral. Her drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
  • Looking forward to this. Man, I'm not big on those outlines on the character models in the 3DS version though. I thought I heard you could turn it off, so that's pretty good.
  • IMO she's one of the best characters in the game. Her recovery is only second to Jiggly puff's.
  • Not surprised. Good to see that Fox is back again, even though he (and Capt. Falcon) hasn't seen a new game in years...

  • My strategy with Peach: Jump off the ground while holding down. Strike fear into my foes as I float towards them. Smack them with the aerial side A. Rinse and repeat.
  • Them's some hip-check'in goodness.

  • ka-chow!

  • I would like to see toad be in it. Make him like Kirby and jigglypuff, one of characters that can fly around. Slap a jet pack on him and watch him kick some ass.

  • Toad Block FTW.

  • I wish a newcomer was revealed.

  • Good, we need more eye candy.

  • Took you guys long enough to report this...

  • I wonder if she'll still be top-tier in this one. I hope so. I like throwing some of my friends off by picking her over a 'cooler' character.. and then owning them.
  • It seems they reveal a new character each month. July - Olimar. August - Luigi. September - Peach. I'm guessing it'll be October - Falco/Marth.
  • Ouch. right in the jewels.

  • I hope they fix her,she wasn't dangerous in brawl as she was in melee.

  • Good to see her dealing the damage this time around.

  • Dat face of Fox's.

  • Ugh. Next month they'll probably announce Zelda, or Yoshi.  I know they're probably trying to spread the announcements out, since it's still a ways out before launch, but I want to know what other new characters are being added.  

    For serious.

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