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Olimar's Back, And He Brought His Friends

Pikmin's hero Olimar made his Smash Bros. debut in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and apparently he's developed a taste for bloodsport. The pint-sized astronaut is returning to the ring, and we've got a batch of new screens showing him (and his Pikmin pals) in action.

You can see the character using Pikmin as projectiles and melee weapons in the screens below. Even though Olimar does meet up with the crew in Pikmin 3, the new rock and flying Pikmin from that game don't appear to be part of his arsenal. He does, however, have a new stage, which adds another confirmed level to the list.

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  • Sweet, Can't wait to get this game. It's so going on my wish list!

  • so excited for the 3ds version!!!!! hope lots of 3ds owners and fans play everyday online

  • Glad to see Olimar is returning.

  • Sweet, I love the lil guy...a lot of ppl found him hard to use, but in my group of friends i could always smash with Olimar :)...can't wait to get back in the action with him

  • That is one big looking Kirby.