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Pikmin 3

Meet The New And The Old Pikmin Of Pikmin 3

Earlier today we got to see some gameplay footage from Pikmin 3, and now there's an educational video showcasing all the powers of the assorted Pikmin, both new and old.

These are the European trailers for Pikmin 3, which is why the end proudly proclaims a July 26 release date. Unfortunately, here in North America, we won't be playing Pikmin 3 until August 4.

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  • I can't believe Europe is getting it first...
  • What about the Purple and White Pikmin?Or were they just native to the second game?
  • haha, fk u 'murica. Also, do not care about this game.
  • so where are the purple and white ones? I havent played the 2nd one yet but have seen them in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
  • Finally! Some Pikmin love on GIO! Thanks for the vid Kyle! Take that next-gen Pikminless consoles!

  • it seems rock pikmin have replaced purple as the truly heavy hitters, and it seems that the winged pikmin have replaced the white pikmin as the fast carriers.
  • i still need to play 2 lol
  • :/ still hoping they'll bring back the old (2) Pikmin
  • Look at it's eyes...

  • I've waited too long for this. Once it releases, I'm going to play it over, and over, and over, and over...

  • This is gonna be good! Real good!

  • new yay

  • I don't really like the new animation. They don't look as cute, I liked the claymation look.

  • I've never played a Pikmin game, but I think I'll be willing to give this a try. The small "demoish" game of Pikmin in Nintendo Land was fun, which makes me more willing to buy this. Seems like one of the few good games for the Wii U so far :\

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  • Well... They're still adorable :)

  • So excited for this,

    but am i the only one who HATES Olimars eyes being open?

    I feel like it bothers me too much...

  • The news just keeps getting better.