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Super Smash Bros.

Olimar's Back, And He Brought His Friends

Pikmin's hero Olimar made his Smash Bros. debut in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and apparently he's developed a taste for bloodsport. The pint-sized astronaut is returning to the ring, and we've got a batch of new screens showing him (and his Pikmin pals) in action.

You can see the character using Pikmin as projectiles and melee weapons in the screens below. Even though Olimar does meet up with the crew in Pikmin 3, the new rock and flying Pikmin from that game don't appear to be part of his arsenal. He does, however, have a new stage, which adds another confirmed level to the list.

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  • Geeze, that pic of Olimar and Mario looks amazing!

  • I love Olimar

  • great to see Olimar back. He wasn't my main, but I did enjoy playing with him in Brawl. he felt decidedly different from the rest of the cast.

    A bit surprised though they didn't go with someone from Pikmin 3. That Alph dude looks like him a bit. maybe an alternate costume?

  • Is it true this game will have a tripping mechanic built into it? That is, randomly you or your opponent will trip and fall.
  • YES!

  • This makes me happy as can be. Wouldn't mind if they had put Pikmin 3's new characters in the game instead, but Olimar just sends me back on a trip to nostalgia city. Best Pikmin captain period. Is this implying that he might still be relevant to the Wii U this year by appearing in Pikmin 3?. . .

  • i suck with olimar
  • YUS!!!!!!!!!!

    That was what I was waiting for!!! Nintendo you got my money now!!!!!!

  • Nice to see him return, he was one of my better characters in Brawl

  • Mod

    The game looks absolutely stunning. I'm glad they brought Olimer back!

  • Knew hed be there,but good to see him still announched.

  • only game that make me want to get a wii u after my xbox one

  • PIKMIN 3

  • I was never good with him, but it's cool to see him back. I can't wait to see more of this game.

  • I beg they're going to replace Lucario with Zorak (I think that's it's name).
  • I am so excited for this game!

  • I've been a tad underwhelmed by the visuals in this game so far; I mean, Namco's developing it, and their engineers have made games for HD consoles before. So if any Nintendo-published Wii-U game should have good lighting, it's this. Instead, it still looks... well, pretty identical to Brawl. At least in motion. Whereas Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade 2 all look like they actually belong on an HD console, thanks to some great lighting.

    But finally, I'm seeing some nice lighting in these screens. Particularly in the shot with the 3 Pikmin looking at Kirby; really shows off the bounce lighting going on in the environment and the rim lighting that gives Kirby a nice soft edge. There's some nice bloom going on too, at least on the Pikmin themselves. This is far more impressive visually than the actual Pikmin 3 game... but that started development on the Wii in 2008 so I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on it.

    Nice to see Olimar return to Smash, but honestly, I want to see more new. The Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and especially Mega Man announcements were all exciting. I can think of quite a few Nintendo characters who should join the roster next, including characters from Professor Layton, Sin & Punishment, Xenoblade, Golden Sun and Last Story. And if they want more cute, you can't go wrong with Starfy. I want more "new"... I don't want just "Melee 3", y'know?
  • WOOOOO! That's all I wanted to know! And the new stage for Pikmin looks fantastic!

  • Looking good so far.

  • Did anyone use Olimar in brawl? I think Big N is trying to make him just a bit better.