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Olimar's Back, And He Brought His Friends

Pikmin's hero Olimar made his Smash Bros. debut in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and apparently he's developed a taste for bloodsport. The pint-sized astronaut is returning to the ring, and we've got a batch of new screens showing him (and his Pikmin pals) in action.

You can see the character using Pikmin as projectiles and melee weapons in the screens below. Even though Olimar does meet up with the crew in Pikmin 3, the new rock and flying Pikmin from that game don't appear to be part of his arsenal. He does, however, have a new stage, which adds another confirmed level to the list.

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  • Not surprising, but still cool. Olimar is difficult but fun. I always enjoyed messing around with my friends by fighting as him without using his Pikmin.

  • I still can't wait to try out Mega man.
  • I hope Olimar's better this time. I like to think I'm pretty good at Brawl, but Olimar's one of the tougher characters to play as.
  • I suppose it'll be a while before we hear of any surprising new entrant to the series. I expect Sonic to return, maybe dragging Tails or Robotnik/Eggman with him this time. Given the popularity of Sonic on Nintendo's platforms, it'd be stupid for him NOT to be in the game.

    Again, all I want are Alex Roivas and maybe Pious Augustus from Eternal Darkness, and Shulk and possibly Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles.

    If those two games are properly represented, I'll be more than happy.
  • I want Captain Falcon back!!!!
  • I visited Yoshi in prison. He's doing fine, and wants to know if he still needs to send child support checks for Baby Bowser. He's pretty sure that isn't his kid.
  • for some reason, this amuses the crap out of me. i have never played a smash brothers title (i know, i know), so i picked up brawl for the wii this week so i can get ready for the upcoming installment. i'm looking forward to giving my wii-u something fun to do!
  • i wonder y not the new guy?

  • I am not happy about this.
  • Great to see he's back. He was one of my favorites from Brawl.

  • man this game looks beautiful.

  • :) alright! can't wait to play as him he was my #1 character (and Luigi, hope they change his layout a little)
  • Wooh!

  • This is actually one of my favorite characters of Brawl! I love that he is more difficult to play and he is by far the one of best characters I have found for Targets.

    I would love to see a full cast return except for a few characters. ROB, Ike (Roy was sooooo much better), Wario, and Diddy. I would also make Mario's D-B move back to the tornado spin.

    I wish more F-Zero characters would make it and I am REALLY hoping for playable Golden Sun characters! The Metroid Prime Hunters cast would also be welcome.

    Oh I also forgot to mention that in addition to Marth, I am REALLY hoping for Lyn and Hector from FE7. They would be perfect for this.
  • Wow, those graphics!!
  • Saw this one coming, but I'm still thrilled. I love playing as Olimar. I'm still holding my breath about Captain Falcon... he hasn't been very active lately, and he was nerfed to hell in Brawl. I'll be very sad if Doug doesn't return.
  • YES. I'm so happy about this! Olimar is my main character in Brawl, and he is one of the best characters in the game. From the looks of it, his moves haven't changed a bit, so he'll be just as good!

    This also means my friends will still be super annoyed by me again. :P

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