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Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad Is Eight-Player Mayhem

Insomniac has given us our first look at Sunset Overdrive’s eight-player mayhem mode. Chaos Squad will transport players to a multiplayer version of the open world (via photo booth) with clothing, amps, and weapons that transfer over directly from the single-player.

Once grouped with up to seven friends, you’ll have your choice of two randomly selected missions. Some examples include wiping out the mutants, racing to the top of a tower without falling off, ambushing a convoy, and scavenging for supplies. 

After each successful mission, you and your team will get to choose two more. Eventually, you’ll face off in a “night defense” mode against waves of OD mutants. Lay traps, explode the orange masses, and come away with weapons that you can also use in the single-player mode.

Sunset Overdrive is due out on October 28 for Xbox One. For more, check out our preview from E3. You can also read up on the game's character customization.

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  • I can't wait to play this...Winter/Fall is coming
  • I really hope this game isnt too limiting in how much fun you can really have with it.

  • I hope this IP works for Insomniac, they've needed a good game since Resistance 2 was released and my faith has fallen in them.

  • This looks bonkers! Wish I had 7 friends.

  • Looks like the Xbox can't handle all that mayhem. Frame drop is noticeable.
  • I was kinda iffy about this game but its starting to sound fun. Also its good to hear there is gonna be a single player game in it, but I still never got my answer if there will be offline co-op. Does anybody know if it does?
  • Cannot wait to play this game. I wasn't even thinking about multiplayer until now.

  • Setting traps you say? I'm in. This looks like a lot of fun. I wasn't interested before because the main game is only single player even it looks like it should be co-op all the way. It has intrigued me enough to add it to my list.

  • That looks really fun.

  • I had a chance to play it at e3 and it has cool movement and guns but after a while it gets quite dull. Visually, it's refreshing for a shooter but it's so simple that I don't really see myself playing the multiplayer long.
  • Really looking forward to this game. I got plenty of friends to pick from for this game. I would love to see more Insomniac exlusives for xbox 1 in the future.

  • I will assemble the fellowship!