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Sunset Overdrive

You Can Be A Female Assassin (Or Just About Anything Else)

Last week during E3, Ubisoft’s Alex Amanciano addressed a question on female assassins in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity. That sparked a number of other inquiries throughout E3 about the roles of female characters in other games.

We told you last week that Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive will let you be whomever you want to be and that all clothing is gender neutral. In a new Sunset TV, we learn about the character customization options in video form.

We also get a look at traps that you can use to help string together combos. Using a flingboard to eject enemies into a flame trap. It looks like a lot of fun (and you can read more in our hands-on preview). Sunset Overdrive is out on October 28 on Xbox One. 

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  • i just realized that you can't play as a female assassin in watchdogs' multiplayer either...
  • Ubisoft should take note
  • xDD Insomniac,October 28 is also the day both ACUnity and Sunset Overdrive release. Granted i'll be grabbing both
  • I love how you guys made sure to make a big deal out of the four male assassins in Unity. The gender of the characters has no importance in a game like Assassin's Creed, and if the developers want the characters to be men they have every right to do so, and it doesn't make the game sexist in any way. How about when the next Tomb Raider releases everyone starts complaining about playing as a woman? Like, the game gives you no option but to play as a female, so it must be sexist, right?
  • That's really cool. Hope it gets a PS4 port. Can't justify getting a xbone for just this game y'know.
  • Still waiting on a different species option.
  • Man they sure do know how to market their game, shame they have to pander to people who are overblowing this non-issue, but considering Insomniac's last game's sales I'm not surprised.
  • The game had better be funnier than this guy.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't care if you can be male or female, as long as the game is good?
  • I guess female assassins just want to have fun in Sunset Overdrive instead! :D

  • I don't want to be a dude in a skirt and this game looks like little more than a well polished tech demo, honestly.
  • Gameinformer? Using.......clickbait? Man, how times have changed.
  • This is one jab that doesn't bother me at all. When you have Ubisoft saying they won't put a female playable character in co-op because of time and all four of the main characters are literally the same character, just different colors, you deserve to be made fun of. There are female NPC's in Unity and you could have a woment do voice over's in a day or two but yeah, Ubi can't be bothered. Anyways, can't wait to play Sunset Overdrive!
  • I think it's OUTRAGEOUS you can't be a goth hermaphrodite with webbed feet in this game, I mean don't they have any sensitivity at all. Yep, it's an absurd example, but an example none the less of how easy it is for someone to criticize and twist the meaning of someone's work/art into something it is not (realistic examples: can I be Chinese, how about a little person, in a wheelchair, etc etc etc). Such distortion of reality and how it continues to permeate for days/weeks among people is disturbing, bleh, don't feed hate or it'll grow. That aside, Sunset Overdrive looks soooooooooo good, can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • Lol, well played Insomniac. Can't wait for the release of this game. This game looks like it will be a blast.
  • There you go ladies. Ubisoft didn't leave them out, all the female assassin's leapt through time across dimensions and are in Sunset Overdrive.

  • This is still going on.. enough already..
  • CAN I PLAY AS A TRANSGENDER HERMAPHRODITE CROSS DRESSER WITH ONE ARM? IF I CANT PLAY AS THAT HOW IS THAT FAIR????? I am sick to death of this encroaching ultra PC BS invading everything. I am going to do a petition. I want a MALE body version in the game WET. The fact that I can only play as a woman is very, very unfair and makes me feel like so so so so much less of a man when I play it. UNFAIR. ALL DUDES BOYCOTT BAYONETTA
  • HAHAHA!!! Oh that's funny. Good on ya, Sunset Overdrive! Very clever! Also, I can't believe people are taking this seriously as if it were a big statement or something. Its pretty clearly a sarcastic prod at Ubisoft. Everybody chill, its just a video game!
  • this game lets you make your own character!! i also hope there is TK in the game. must pick up things with my mind!!!
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