Earlier today, we shared with you a preview of Insomniac’s upcoming Xbox One shooter, Sunset Overdrive. You’ve also seen some screenshots and read an interview with company founder Ted Price. Now, see the game in action.

Sunset Overdrive takes place in 2027 in the middle of an energy drink-fueled mutant outbreak. You’ll meet characters from a number of different factions, like Troop Bushido and the Fargarths.

You’ll also get your hands on some typically far out Insomniac weapons like the Captain Ahab and the Roman Candle Gun. The video also includes some information on the amp system, which can drastically change the way you play.

Insomniac says this is the game they’ve been building up to for 20 years. With that in mind, they have announced a special Day One Edition (similar to the Dead Rising, Ryse, and Forza versions that launched with the Xbox One).

If you get the Day One edition, you’ll have access to the Nothing but Hits gun that shoots out vinyl records (as seen as the trailer). You’ll also get the It’s Me! Fizzie! outfit to dress up as the Overcharge mascot. Finally, the Hardcore Hammer, made of a bat and spiked dumbbells, will let you pound mutants into the ground.

Sunset Overdrive is coming this fall for Xbox One. We expect to have more from E3 in June.