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Sunset Overdrive

Drink In Insomniac's Colorful Open World

Insomniac has unleashed a plethora of colorful screenshots and concept art showing off the wacky world of Sunset City. Mutants infused with the energy drink Overdrive Delirium XT roam the streets, ready for players’ customized characters to deal some damage. Fizzco’s huge, jolly mascot Fizzie even squares off with players in a boss fight.

The screens and concept art show off a variety of mutant soda monsters, complete with infused construction equipment and leaf blowers. Players can chain together rail grinds and hang from power lines to build up a combo meter, which strengthens the wacky weaponry. The protagonist is also highly customizable, so don’t worry if you don’t like the hero shown in the screens. 

After you’re done checking out the media gallery below, be sure to read up on my hands-on impressions and interview with Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price.

Sunset Overdrive releases on Xbox One exclusively this fall.

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  • This mutha looks straight whacky
  • "Mutants infused with the energy drink Overdrive Delirium XT roam the streets" - This is a really original, great premise for a game as I have always wondered what the side effects of these energy drinks would be.

  • Outwright gorgeous,beautiful.

  • Why was the gameplay taken down?? D: I was really excited to watch it...
  • getting a Jet Set Radio vibe, if I do ever get the system it'll be one of my first games for sure.

  • I don't know what I'm looking at but I think I like it regardless.

  • I do love the color palette of the game, looks really cool. XBO owners should enjoy this one, proceed with caution though.

  • Well its still not a thing in Harvest Moon, I have no idea why people are shocked its not a thing in this. Its still insane and offensive that its not a thing in Harvest Moon though.