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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Wave Your Hands At 10 New Steel Battalion Screens

I still can't wrap my brain around how a game that once required the largest controller in the history of video games now uses a single controller and is playable only in conjunction with Kinect. Game Informer associate editor Dan Ryckert seems to think it has a chance if Capcom can enhance the recognition – which he details in his hands-on preview – but I'll probably remain baffled by it until it ships on June 19.

Capcom today released a batch of new screenshots that show the motion control-enhanced mechs in action.

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  • serious question, is anyone excited for this game?

  • i still don't understand this game at all, are you like in a tank or fighting with a team of mechs?
  • this could be a lot of fun..or..it could be a disaster

  • its like chromehounds???
  • Mod
    I'm not a fan of the graphics. They look kind of... messy.
  • Its so close to falling off the border of being good or Epic fail

  • Don't know what to think of this.

  • Ojbective: Reach forward to...

    Uuuuughhh... *facepalm* It takes quite a bit for me to become disillusioned but a mech game... but realizing much of the game will be choreography... again, ugh.

  • Sigh...

  • If I had Kinect I would def give it a look. It could be a breath of fresh air considering the lineup this spring