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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Bipedal Tanks Walk Around And Shoot Things In New Trailer

This new Steel Battalion trailer succeeds in two things: Showing off the legged tanks' walking animations and sheer firepower. Glimpses at dramatic life inside the cockpit can be caught between firefights. We see soldiers loading shells, punching each other, and the player even shivs another in the gut.

Check out the trailer below, then be sure to gawk at the batch of new screens for the game. Steel Battalion's Kinect-enabled action is scheduled to arrive June 19 on Xbox 360.

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  • this game actually makes it look like getting a kinnect might be a worthwhile investment.
  • It looks actually good for a kinect game

  • I hope they can get the kinect controls tightend up because this looks sweet

  • Rated M for Blood And gore, Intense violence, strong language, and SEXUAL themes? If this game involves me making a "Taking off pants" motion Ill buy it......What? It gets hot in those things....
  • I found my head bobbing with each step in the cockpit view for some reason.

  • The trailer looks good, dont know if i like all the "clutter" on the screen etc, with players and all that on the left side. But i still dont belive in the controller that is Kinect, i havnt seen a game that uses the kinect and makes me go, hell im gonna wave with my hands and skip the wii-mote/Move or standad ps3/xbox controller.

    I guess i have to wait two months or for some video with someone playing the game til i can be proven wrong... or right :P

  • I like that you can get out and steal other peoples mechs...

  • Really looking forward to this one.  From Software is typically a pretty solid company.

  • Buzz surrounding Kinect is floundering! Throw money at it - develop a proper title! Unfortunately even development geniuses and ample time to work can't overcome the simple limitations of the device. I love what Kinect is in the grand scheme, a technological stepping stone, but speaking from the present... at no point have I felt any pride in owning one, let alone playing any Kinect only titles... and I know this is not an uncommon stance.
  • The only reason I would buy this would be so that I could pretend I was a member of a Titan War Machine crew. Crush the spawn of Chaos! For the Emperor!
  • Wow! Triple posts! That's gotta be a new record! On a related note, is anyone noticing GI glitching out a LOT today?
  • I have nothing interesting left to say. For some reason, I can't actually delete these triple posts, so hopefully editing them will make me look like slightly less of a fool.
  • This is the only reason I bought Kinect. I hope it doesn't suck.

  • I was super impressed with how well Kinect held up at PAX East. You move your hand upwards, and your character's hand zooms up to grab the periscope. It really works like in the trailers. Either that, or there was some FANTASTIC TRICKERY going on at PAX :D

  • Mod

    hnng mechs

  • No kinect!

  • Looks cool.  Two questions, how on earth did they work "sexual themes" into this?  And why would you stab one of your own guys, is he a traitor?  Or is he not one of your guys and is an enemy that got into the cockpit?

  • I don't think the guy got shiv'd. It looks like shrapnel is being pulled out of his abdominal area.

  • 4 players campaign or just random mission?
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