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New Starhawk Trailer Drops

Forget the thrill of discovery, finding new planets is all about conquest. Check out the race to claim territory in this new Starhawk video.

The trailer highlights the game's third-person action, as well as its focus on instantly building RTS-like structures to change the maps in your favor.

You can jump into Starhawk and its 32-player online multiplayer (there is also a single-player campaign, too) on the PS3 in May, and it's currently in public beta.

Also be sure to check out some new screens of the game's spacefighter combat.

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  • Trailer looks good but the beta didn't really interest me.
  • "We got a Metal Gear... I mean, Mech in the parameter!"

  • Man, this game is so good so far. This or Civilization 5, what do I play tonight? First world problems.
  • High hopes for this one. Come on Sony, advertise!

  • Looks painfully generic

  • Mod
    This looks a bit too much like some sorta Starship Troopers meets MGS crap. I hope it's got more going for it, along with better voice actors.
  • Wow, a lot of butt hurt Xbots have rated this page!

  • Craziness!  Looks awesome

  • I played the hell out of Warhawk. This one looks like it will take a lot of my free time away.

    Warhawk had THE best Capture the Flag in any game I have played.
  • I fear that the single player campaign for this will simply be multiplayer with bots, as it usually is with multiplayer focused games.

  • Hahaha this game looks hecka awesome and kinda difficult to play. I fear the single player is gonna blow but the multiplayer is gonna be amazing.

  • That kind of looked like a RTS game from the ground rather than a multi-player game

  • Still on the fence with this one...Played the beta for a few days then i just kinda fell off.

  • I'm a little PO'ed that no site has covered the Beta at all. LOADS of videos come out when a Halo game is in Beta, or stupid Battlefield. But here is a unique, fantastic multiplayer game NO ONE covers it? Not ONE site - IGN, GameInformer, Giantbomb, etc.? Stupid as heck. And a little biased.


    I'm still just worried that Starhawk is going to have a terrible single player campaign. They said when the game was announced that they wanted it to have a great single player story and campaign, yet they have never shown it. They have always - ALWAYS - just shown multiplayer. The single player - the important stuff - HAS to be an afterthought at this point; the game is coming out too soon. I bet all the single player levels are just going to play like bot matches. *sigh*

    Once again, Incognito/Lightbox can't design a fantastic aerial combat title like Crimson Skies or even Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier. Prepare for on-foot ground shooter no.312,411. The Star Hawks seem to barely figure into the action, when they should be the focus. The Hawks even spend more time on foot now than in the skies!
  • Trailer looks great. This game is starting to interest me a lot more.

  • Man, gotta love this ps3 exclusive.

  • Looks like an updated Quake Wars but I'm not about to go but PS3 for it.