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You Want New Screens? No Problem

Just when you thought you were going to go to bed tonight without seeing five new screenshots for Sony's upcoming multiplayer sci-fi brawl, here I am shattering your foolish preconceptions with the unstoppable power of the GI content distribution network.


As Phil noted in his extensive Gamescom preview, Starhawk is about flying around in spaceships shooting each other. At some point, there may be objectives. At others, you may just be wrecking dudes. Either way, spaceships. So that's all right.

Starhawk is coming out exclusively on PlayStation 3 next year.

  • Beautiful

  • Well, while you are taking requests, can I have a sandwich?
  • I might actually pick this up, it looks great. PS3 could use alittle more love in the console-exclusive IP department. Thanks again for the Game Informin, Adam B.
  • Starhawk keeps looking better and better. Definitely a game on top of my preorder lists for next year. I wish the had some sort of Collector's Edition though, like perhaps some ingame exclusive stuff and a sick statue of one of the plane mechs. I'd buy it for sure if they did. Well I'm going to buy it with or without a collector's edition because it's no doubt going to be as good perhaps even better then Warhawk.
  • This game will be awesome. It already looks the part, but I know it'll fit it by the time it comes out.

  • warhawk was the most balanced multiplayer game out there i just wish it keeps that same philosophy
  • Woah there! Hold that a mech in the 3rd picture?!?
  • I am really excited for this. Warhawk was one of my most played games for a couple years.

  • Warhawk was really fun I really loved split-screen online mulitplayer few games do that and since I have a twin brother its always nice to have that.

  • I'm getting this. Might be fun for a weekend, if nothing else.

  • Wow, I`m impressed. I`ve only seen one comment with the "SPAAAAAAACE" joke in it.

  • looks cool but is it multiplayer only? and is coping starwars's battlefront concept?
  • Been wanting a Warhawk sequel for years so this will definitely be a must-buy for me.

  • I like these space screens:) The No.1 complaint I have with Warhawk/Starhawk is how they marginalised the actual flight action. Incognito literally came out at some point during Warhawk's development and said they couldn't develop a game around it - as someone whose played and loved titles like Descent, Rogue Squadron, Star Fox 64, Panzer Dragoon Orta and Crimson Skies, that's bullsh*t and insulting.

    So I've been hoping they do more with Starhawk than just continue their weirdly un-Warhawk-like "Battlefield clone" formula. And making stages in space seems like it'll FORCE them to design some focused flight-action stages. I would imagine that on-foot real estate is at a premium in outer space....

    Hoping for the best from this. If they looked at other flight action games and learned a thing or two, I'll be happy to support this one. If it just wants to focus on team-based multiplayer and transplant it onto a weak single-player campaign, well then....there's millions of other games I can head to if I want that.
  • I want PC version !!!!

  • Ooh this looks cool never played Warhawk :)