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Starhawk Goes Exactly Where You'd Expect -- Space

Speaking today at Gamescom, Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe revealed a major new element of his studio's upcoming space western shooter, Starhawk. As you might have guessed from the title, Starhawk will feature maps taking place in large space environments, and I got to watch one in action.

The map I saw consisted of a large amount of open stars for dogfighting in the titular Starhawk ships, as well as a handful of small space stations for close quarters combat. The game's unique build options will be available on the space stations, where players will be able to call down launch platforms in order to spawn Hawks or sniper towers to add some ranged help. They'll even be able to spawn buildings while flawing in a Starhawk.

The space map I saw also took advantage of another major addition to Starhawk: jetpacks. In Warhawk, jetpacks were only available via DLC, but they were so popular that Lightbox decided to make them a core movement option in Starhawk. Players who foolishly launch themselves off of gravity-protected platforms will get to watch their on-screen avatars fall to the planet below and burn up in the atmosphere.

The final new feature that Jobe showed off in his Gamescom presentation was the addition of a “stomp” move for the Starhawk's mech form. This powerful attack will quickly get rid of any infantry that are bugging the machine.

I didn't have the chance to actually go hands-on with Starhawk at Gamescom, but between the addition of a strong single-player campaign and space combat, I'm already much more interested in this title than I was with Warhawk. Hopefully Lightbox has even more intriguing surprises up its sleeves as we near Starhawk's release.

For more details on Starhawk, check out our interview with Dylan Jobe from back in May, take a look at the screens in the gallery below as well as this new trailer.

  • Or Middle Earth. Whats up with the Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai in the screenshot???
  • The screenshot is not very...spacey.
  • I can't wait for this game. Warhawk was one of my favorite games for PS3
  • Sounds awesome. I didn`t really like WarHawk, but I will be picking this up next year.

  • What's with the pic and the lack of an explanation?

  • Am I the only one who read this as SharkWeek and not StarHawk?

  • As someone who missed out on Warhawk this successor is a big question mark to me... the bits of media released for the game so far leave me intrigued, but little else.

  • Though it's disappointing to not actually seen any sort of screenshot for the space combat, but it does sound extremely awesome and can't wait for the game to come out. Definitely a day one buy for me.
  • The screenshot is from the game, but not related to the space stuff. I'm in Germany right now, so I'm not able to upload new screens very easily. The preview should be updated with any new screens as soon as the regular GI crew back home is awake and able.

  • It's a playstation exlusive with guns and big explosions, what else could you want in a game?

  • this game looks awesome, even more so because i have a friend who's working on it!

  • Why won't this game come out for Xbox? Come on!
  • Well I love jetpacks.

  • Sounds interesting but I won't be getting it.

  • With Sony's price drop and this game coming out, maybe a good reason for me to actually pick up a PS3...I won't decide until I see some gameplay footage though...

  • Ugh. IGN did this too. This isn't a new trailer. It's been on the PSN since e3! Sh**. I wanna see space combat! I would also like to see more focused aerial stages instead of this large, arena-based (clearly online-focused stuff), but I'm coming around to it regardless since it looks so cool.

    Between this and Prototype 2, it's nice to see some black guys as video gaming main characters. Well, besides 50 Cent, that is ;)

  • lol... this is the same trailer as E3.

  • Hope it don't stank..  There are just too many cool games coming out.. money

  • I played like 3 minutes of Warhawk and moved on to something more linear; this one is on my radar, but I'm definitely waiting for the review.

  • I liked what little I played of Warhawk, but this makes that game look terrible. Such an improvement over a game I already enjoyed? Definite buy. Especially with Sony Santa Monica helping out.

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