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Star Wars: The Old Republic

See Old Republic PvP In Action On The Voidstar

We know plenty about BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, at this point, but that's not going to stop us from getting excited at very new bit of info that EA sees fit to drip-feed us. The good stuff this week? A video showing off a new PvP warzone in the game.

In this video you can see the Republic and Empire fighting on board the Voidstar, an abandoned experimental ship containing technology that both sides desire. Check it out below, and if you're looking for more Old Republic info take a look at our 10 Things You Need To Know About The Old Republic, my hands-on with PvP from Comic-Con, and info on the Huttball PvP mode from Gamescom.

  • Anyone else, like, really pissed that they can't run this?
  • Judging from the trailer the Empire is always on defense, that can't be the case though. Also entirely unrelated, but pre-orders have reached 750,000, not including digital downloads and sales outside the U.S.
  • looks alright i wanna see a battlefront 3 game with this type of gametype a lot more crazy and epic because of full movement control...oh bf3 where are you?
  • Super cute~~ Oh my gawd! I just pee'd my star wars boxer briefs after seeing this!

  • Another boring mechanical MMO. Next!
  • thought light sabers cut through people like butter, doesn't look like the case here
  • warcraft with SW skin pack?
  • ***.
  • I really don't like MMO's. They make me repetitive and monotonous. At least it's Star Wars so that gives it some value. Still not even going anywhere near it.
  • We get this when they could have just given us KOTOR 3? Leave the MMOs to people like Blizzard and give us another awesome SINGLE PLAYER Star Wars RPG. After this crap and way you guys kinda half assed Dragon Age 2 I'm starting to lose faith in you Bioware. Hopefully you will make up for it with Mass Effect 3.
  • They really like using Two Steps From Hell songs in their trailers; that's probably why they're so awesome.

  • So is there a GI Group going Empire side for this? Powertech Bounty Hunter with a Sith Inquisitor of the Lightning looking for a posse.
  • Mod
    I can barely contain my fervid excitement for this MMO. Bioware better not let me down.
  • kinda wish they animated the combat a little better. looks like a lightsaber to the head barely fazes them

  • Looks so awesome! So excited for this.

  • looks like another world of war craft this time stars wars

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  • 10

  • Is it f2p?
  • Ya im so going to be on the bad guys team

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