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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Prepare For War With Latest Old Republic Trailer

You may think that the focus of BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is great sci-fi storytelling or addictive World of Warcraft-style gameplay. Both of those are partially correct, but there's another important element of The Old Republic: a growing and brutal war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

EA released this new trailer for The Old Republic at New York Comic-Con. In it, you can glimpse a few examples of how your actions will have an effect on the impending conflict around the universe -- as well as a look at said conflict on a few different battlefields.

With only a couple of months left until this long-anticipated MMO's release, this should be one of the final trailers we'll see for the game. Enjoy it!

  • I see a Chiss.

  • I got this game reserved.

  • Was ridiculously excited for this. Keyword 'was'. As much as I'd love to play a Star Wars MMO, I'm tired of the WoW formula, and it seems that ToR is looking to copy it, just with story. Don't misunderstand, I'm hyped for story in an MMO, but I need more than that at this point.

    Enter Guild Wars 2. Individual story for players characters? Check.

    Dynamic events that occur throughout the world? Check.

    Player actions having an effect on the world at large? Check.

    Action focused combat, where you actually have to HIT your target? Check

    "Holy Trinity" Healer-Damage-Tank? NO CHECK.

    GW2 will be my next MMO purchase, sorry ToR.

  • First MMO I'll have played since the free year of AO back in the day and I'm psyched!  I'm by no means some nutty mega fan of Star Wars, but KotOR was excellent, KotOR 2 quite an intersting mod (I'll never consider it a full game) and the other Bioware story-driven IPs have made me finally take the dip into paid MMO playing.

    If the graphics in this video are as bad as a few poeple have stated (assuming they're not just trolls--and that's quite a big assumption) then I'm glad I've been outside the MMO scene because it looks great to me.

  • They should really stop the cinematics...

  • This game looks fun but I never been able to get into MMORPGs.  Is it too much to ask for an open world Star Wars similar to inFAMOUS where my actions turn me Jedi or Sith?  A HUGE game like that, if done well, would sell a ton of freaking games!  Make it happen LucasArts!