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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Prepare For War With Latest Old Republic Trailer

You may think that the focus of BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is great sci-fi storytelling or addictive World of Warcraft-style gameplay. Both of those are partially correct, but there's another important element of The Old Republic: a growing and brutal war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

EA released this new trailer for The Old Republic at New York Comic-Con. In it, you can glimpse a few examples of how your actions will have an effect on the impending conflict around the universe -- as well as a look at said conflict on a few different battlefields.

With only a couple of months left until this long-anticipated MMO's release, this should be one of the final trailers we'll see for the game. Enjoy it!

  • Graphics and gameplay look really poor....not alot of hope this one has.

  • If only this came out for macs :( Also, I think this trailer would have been better suited for CG

  • I can see this being fun with my more casual friends.  But im looking at ArcheAge as being my next-gen MMO.

  • AMAZING!! i would still like kotor 3 though:(

  • It is really fun,I have played the beta and for once in a mmo I pay attention to the story and it is really good.

  • i will def. reward my self this for my B-Day.

  • why couldn't they have just made this like a dragon age or mass effect? it would have been freakin awesome!!

  • Very nice trailer.  I'm really glad it's coming out at the tail end of the game release season.  Otherwise I don't know what I would do with myself.

  • WAAAA i cant wait anymore i have been waiting since they anounced it back in 2007

  • I'd rather of had KotOR 3 than this. I love Bioware but this is a cartoony graphics style set in an mmo, two things I hate.
  • I can't wait to play this!!!

  • Star Wars for life!!! Anything that will continue the story of it will have my buy. Now some one needs to make Battlefront 3 in the next couple of years already! If some one could come up with this amazing game, I'm sure some one could easily come up with Battlefront 3. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Show so creativity to make the legacy continue! YEAHHHH!!!

  • If i could afford to upgrade my laptop, I would buy this

  • Looks A Good Game, Shame About The Cost Behind It.
  • oh lord what an ugly looking game.

  • I'd rather eat stale Cookie Crisp than play this game.

  • Looks cool I guess, I give the MMO genre a wide berth cause I don't wanna get sucked back in lol. I played WoW for a bit but that got stale and I can't help but feel without a good strong clan of people an MMO just wouldn't sit well for me to play lol

  • Everyone keeps talking about WoW clones, but really its hard not to do that. Every MMO you play is gonna have an action bar with set abilities, you are gonna have grind quests and so on. Everyone talks about how Guild Wars 2 will be different, but I bet when it finally releases, the similarities will be apparent just like with every other MMO that claimed it would be different.  TOR will be awesome because of the new fresh story, and exciting world.  Not to mention the iconic classes. PLus, I love the idea of how everything will be set to zero bascically.  No one will have all the math of the stats down to a T, so you'll be able to experiment and figure things out for yourself rather than have one set rotation and so on, and if you don't do it just like everyone else then you're a noob or whatever.  Plus, you won't have to miss out on content because you're a new or returning player and everyone else has done everything with 10 classes. All in all i thing it'll be a pretty great game even though it is similar to other things in the past.

  • Hmm still not too sure about this game yet.

  • Cannot wait to get properly started after playing the beta.