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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Prepare For War With Latest Old Republic Trailer

You may think that the focus of BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is great sci-fi storytelling or addictive World of Warcraft-style gameplay. Both of those are partially correct, but there's another important element of The Old Republic: a growing and brutal war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

EA released this new trailer for The Old Republic at New York Comic-Con. In it, you can glimpse a few examples of how your actions will have an effect on the impending conflict around the universe -- as well as a look at said conflict on a few different battlefields.

With only a couple of months left until this long-anticipated MMO's release, this should be one of the final trailers we'll see for the game. Enjoy it!

  • I want to play this so bad but I'm not a MMO person. Arrrrgh!!
  • Unless they have another cinematic to release, they should stop these video trailers...they just don't stack up, and ultimately don't show anything new.

    Stupid NDA.
  • that would be the best Battlefront 3. Too bad

  • I see a Selkath. :D

  • Since when do they name a planet after a city in morrowind?
  • Long live The Republic!!!!

  • No more trailers? *insert darth vader voice* NOOOOOOO!!
  • Well the cenimatics aren't anywhere near as epic as blizzards, not that that dictates gameplay or anything, but the trailers do nothing to entice me. Will hold judgement though until release and I read some impressions!
  • I look forward to diving into this.... after I'm completely done with Skyrim.
  • Empire ftw forever!!!!!!!!

  • As much as I am excited for this game, my enthusiasm feels like it's been put on hold. It just needs to come out already. I remember the first wave of excitement I felt FEBRUARY 2010 when I read virtually everything about this game, then the second wave of excitement spring 2011 when the planets and character classes started rolling out, but now I have nothing else to give for this game.

    It just needs to come out. Get through it's rough launch. Hit that point two months in when it's patched and running smoothly. THEN I'll buy it. Until then I'll play Arkham City and Skyrim and forget this even exists. In my opinion this game is good example of hype done poorly; it was announced way too soon. Most people are over it by now. If they held off until early 2011, then had substantial info released all year, I could see the hype peaking at release this December. But buzz for this game's just been cooking too long...2, 3 years? I don't even know.
  • I played the recent weekend demo. Not a bad game. I stopped playing WoW many years ago. However the game is not as fluid or as well built as WoW which is a game that came out years ago. Keep expectations reasonable. Also? This is not going to be a WoW killer in any sense. Trust me. I also dont think this game is coming out in December. Or if it really is? Ouch.
  • cool

  • If its anything like KOTOR im in
  • Honestly, after playing the beta for a month or two I don't think I'm going to get this game anymore. It feels exactly like WoW just with Biowares signature conversation wheel and a star wars skin. I'm going to stick with Rift for the upcoming months.
  • Looks awesome!

  • This video seems a bit too unrealistic in game combat, it's probably a cut scene.

    Despite that fact I'm going to absolutely love this game.
  • Awesome im definetly getting this game!

  • The war in TOR seems pretty concrete, unlike the wishy-washy thing they got going on in WOW.

  • Man this looks awesome. I haven't played an mmo in years and I'm seriously considering playing this.

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