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Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Job Of The Jedi Consular

For all the serene talk of being in tune with The Force, the Jedi Consular class also knows how to kick Sith butt.

Electronic Arts and developer BioWare have released this short trailer showing the Jedi Consular class in action. The class itself holds two paths for players: Choose to be a Shadow – kind of the strong, silent type of justice-delivering Jedi, or the Sage, which embraces more of a party support role.

There is no official release date yet for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you can find out how to play the game early here.

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  • Man this looks awesome. Also TWO STEPS FROM HELL!!! :D This really could be a WoW killer.

  • wish they would bring it to consoles
  • A Sith Lord would tear this dude apart.

  • That was a pretty cool video. And for a second there, I thought we had a definite release date, when it said 1/2/2012 in the upper corner. Then I re-read the passage, and no definite release date. Oh well, still looking forward to playing this.

  • This could be the only MMO I think about spending a monthly fee on. Sounds and looks incredible so far.

  • Fact: The 'Jedi Consular' class can also use melee attacks.

  • Who else thinks this is going to be the best MMO since WoW?
  • Beeuuuutiful!!!! I can't wait to kindly lay the smack down on any Sith punk. The path of the dark side may look like the way to easy power, and right there exposes the weakness. Muahaaa!

  • Mod
    Edit: "I will study the mysteries of the Force, and act with calm and clarity...That way I know who to strike down without a moments hesitation." :)
  • The game looks interesting in the video. I wonder how it will actually play-out. Time will only tell!

  • I find it harder and harder to resist this game, the more I see of it.