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Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Job Of The Jedi Consular

For all the serene talk of being in tune with The Force, the Jedi Consular class also knows how to kick Sith butt.

Electronic Arts and developer BioWare have released this short trailer showing the Jedi Consular class in action. The class itself holds two paths for players: Choose to be a Shadow – kind of the strong, silent type of justice-delivering Jedi, or the Sage, which embraces more of a party support role.

There is no official release date yet for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you can find out how to play the game early here.

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  • This sounds cool. Also, I'm first.
  • I Might get it.
  • I've looked at some of the classes and sub-classes, and I would definitely choose the Jedi Shadow class.  From what I've seen here, the Sage looks pretty awesome too.

  • That actually looks kind of cool.
  • I've thought about getting this game, even though I'm not a huge MMO fan. It just depends on how much the monthly fees are.
  • Why won't this game just release?! Im dieing from bloody wait over 'ere!

  • I'll be this class most likely if I go with the light side, but Sith Inquisitor looks so much more awesome. And really? At 1:41 he just pulls a random container out of nowhere. That's just uncreative. I can understand the whole shooting rocks everywhere, but the container he just pulls out of his @ss. I hope bioware fixes that animation before it comes out, but I doubt it.
  • Looks like a solid class, a healer that has decent melee and force skills.

  • Still a lame class.

    EDIT: Watched the video. Some cool, mostly lame.
  • This game would be great if it was an open world RPG.....but I believe MMO's are a ripoff interest
  • Why not do one article with all the Class Vid's? I feel like there's maybe a bias here (considering all the others are already out)

    Also Gunslinger > Consular

  • They could have picked a better character model to use for this video. That guy looks like he still lives with his mother.
  • wow can they not make a lightsaber tht actually cuts through people not act like a baseball bat. I mean its a lightsaber so why not make it one.
  • *looks closely at the screenshot* I don't think your wrist is supposed to bend that far guy.

    But yea, let me guess - this is tOR's Paladin class? I said it before, if this turns out to be more than "just another RPG" *motions removing hat and taking a bite*

  • I was excited for this game but now not so much. It's not because it doesn't look cool, it does. However, I've noticed that they are just copying every other Star Wars thing to make a story. The imperials, really? That's what they call the Sith. The Sith even have the Imperial insignia which didn't exist until Vader's time. It just feels as though they are cutting and pasting from all things Star Wars to make this game.
  • I think that people need to stop sayon that "Oh, Jedi Consular, Guardians, troopers and smuggelers suck." We realize that you are a Sith Battle-Warrior-1hit KO kinda guy. Us other people who actually LIKE the light side use diplomatic skills. So while you are hacking away at 30 people you pissed off, we are walking through their ranks.(Javing used Force Persuasion) It is just a matter of preference. I'm sure all classes are balanced in their own way. Yes, the gunslinger might be better than a consular at the beginning, but the gunslinger might have a slower progression system, or vice versa. Oh, and all of those people who just post to say, "This game sucks/is lame/is stupid",please give some LEGITIMATE reasons why.

  • can hardly wait till the game is actually released

  • I'll stick to my Smuggler.

  • I've already established that I'm playing Empire side, doesn't stop me from being impressed with the Consular.

    I appreciate how this game is giving each class multiple options; I would have expected the Smuggler to be the rogue/assassin type guy, and not the Consular, who I expected to be a purely support class of sorts. I don't think I'll have nearly as many alts in this game as in WoW, especially considering how much deeper the story will be.

  • Awesome. Hope this comes out for Mac eventually.

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