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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Watch An Early Star Wars: The Old Republic Flashpoint

In addition to lengthy solo-friendly story quests, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be fleshed out with group-focused instances called "flashpoints." A few weeks ago at Comic-Con, BioWare showed off one of the game's first flashpoints for Republic players, the Esseles, and now you can check it out for yourself.

This video includes some story segments, plenty of combat, and even some developer commentary on this difficult mission where players must protect an important diplomat from Imperials. Watch the full 13-minute video below.

  • Star Wars makes me profoundly sad...

  • There's a war coming........ our war.. and this time.. we're taking it to the old republic.

    SWG.. i love you /salute.. in your honor i swear on the blood,sweat, and tears caused by mastering beast master.. i will rage wars on this game so much that EA themselves will wave a white flag!..

    wait till these guys get a load of me.

    they say may the force be with you.... they have no idea what to do when the force is against them...muahahahahahahaha


    In other news, you'd have to imagine if this game somehow flops that the people who made this game will probably not get a job on a promising title for years to come. This is honestly one of the most hyped games in recent memory.
  • Sometimes being evil is just easier

  • Oh sweet. Another MMO that plays out exactly like the others! Seriously, MMOs are all the same with just a different flavor. Sure, its Star Wars. Woo. Oh, whats that? You added a dialogue wheel? It has 3 basic and bland options like the rest of your games? Oh. I guess it gets originality points?
  • Looks pretty awesome

  • I can't believe this is an MMO. Seemed very fluid and way more interesting than any MMO I've ever played.

  • At one time my hype for this game was unbelievable. But then I just got tired of waiting, and tired of seeing no new content. And now, when I see gameplay, I'm said that it's so similar to WoW. Don't get me wrong, I liked WoW, and I like Star Wars, and I like Bioware; but, I want something new from my MMOs, and not just voice overs. That's why I'm more interested in Guild Wars 2. New combat mechanics, no trinity system, and a emphasis on story (much like SWTOR) are all fresh for the MMO universe. Plus, it's free to play!