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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Build Your Old Republic Character Now

Want to see how each class in the Star Wars MMO will come together as you level? The Old Republic's new advanced class page lets you explore the options.

The folks over at BioWare have put up a fun new page over at the Star Wars: The Old Republic official website. Using the new online feature on the redesigned advanced classes page, you can click through each of the eight major classes in the game, as well as the advanced classes that unlock as you advance. Each class has two specialized careers that affect your personal build, letting you specialize in various party roles, like healing or damage, as well as altering your abilities and equipment options.

While BioWare is careful to state that the builds are still being tweaked, and are subject to change before launch, you can now begin to develop a good sense of the character you hope to create when the game releases, hopefully before the end of the year.

Explore character options with The Old Republic's Advanced Classes Overview

Read about the advanced class system, as described by principal lead combat designer, Georg Zoeller

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  • cant wait

  • pretty cool.

  • while nice i wouldn't quiet call that a character builder .. not as excited as i was a year ago about this game :/
  • 2nd most anticipated game of the next 2 years, 1 is me3
  • Smuggler, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter. That's me right there.

  • Awesome...wish this was coming for consoles.On another note...when will see news about BattleFront 3?!?.

  • MMOs, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

  • Oh yay, more cookie cutter MMO experiences. Let me clear my schedule now for ground breaking mediocrity.
  • Just to whet your appetite...make us all believe it is really coming out soon, lol

  • Trooper + Vanguard = ME

  • i'm really thinking about getting this game, told myself i'd stay away from mmos but this game is drawing me in...
  • Awesome.

  • It won't load for me.

  • I need this and Battlefront III to come out
  • I will most definitely be trying out this MMO.

  • I made a Sith Inquisitor and went down the Sorcerer path, so awesome looking!

  • yes hopefully best star wars game :D

  • Misleading headline :(  You don't get to build your character, you just get to read brief descriptions of each advanced class and see six of the skills they will get.

  • *sigh*

  • I won't use this as it will just get me excited about The Old Republic and I don't want to get excited about it as I can't play it :(

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