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Star Guard

The Wizard Awaits

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“At the heart of the steamy jungles of Venus, we have come upon the dead city. Beneath its broken towers, in the dimness of its deepest vault, the wizard awaits us. Is there hope? No man has entered the catacombs and lived.”

Your task – guide the spaceman through the castle and defeat the wizard. That’s all the direction you are given when you launch Star Guard, and that’s all the direction you need. Aimed to appeal to gamers nostalgic for a simpler time, Star Guard combines straightforward action with a humorously convoluted story.

Your space man is limited to running, jumping and firing while he makes his way to the very depths of the castle. Along the way various foes await, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your timing must be impeccable and reflexes sure – Star Guard becomes hard quickly.

Descending further into the castle you are greeted with more prose setting up the epic struggle – continually driving home the seriousness of your plight: “For endless ages the wizard’s horde has plagued the free cities of Venus. Billions have died. Should you fail, all that you love will surely perish.”

Graded on your overall time, kills and deaths, you will watch the first number grow larger, the second smaller, and the third skyrocket as you progress. Now, in addition to the assortment of enemies, you’ve got to watch out for traps, falling stalactites, mines, exploding platforms and turrets. But you can't turn back.

All in all there are nine levels and an unlockable hard mode that will truly test your grit once you complete a playthrough. You’ve got a difficult journey ahead of you, but you must prevail. Venus is counting on you.

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Platform: PC, Mac Release: Available Now Price: Free Website: Link

  • first

  • Come on, enough with the firsts. Any way this game looks mildly intertaining but I think a lot more could be done with it.

  • I don't know. I feel like there have been a lot of these "simple concept, unbelievable difficulty" games lately. I don't really have much fun with them :(

  • ok ok i'm sorry i did the first ... but anyway if you want a nostalgic platformer then go pick up the new super mario bros. wii... it's got great levels and brings back memories of picking up a controller for the first time and jumping on a goomba.  I know these guys are trying to be intuitive in their art style but it almost just seems lazy.

  • Ehhh, normally I get some sort of nostalgia from old-time games like this, but something like this just really isn't that fun anymore, although since it's free maybe I'll play it a bit.

  • Random 8 bit goodies!

  • this is awesome.  remines me of my early childhood (1-2) when i played colenco vision.  how can i play this game?

  • there is a reason why we no longer see games like this...

  • "Mildly entertaining" is how I would describe this too. Games have evolved past such simple storylines. But hey, it's free.

  • This game is fast paced and it fills me with adrenaline, bliss, and nostalgia. The best part it's FREE!