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Star Citizen

New Star Citizen Commercial Sells You On A MISC Ship

Star Citizen's trailers don't play out like video game trailers. Instead, they play out like car commercials, and the latest tries to see you a MISC ship.

You'll learn about the ship's fuel efficient engines, shock-proof cargo area, and its impressive turrets which make short work of greedy pirates. It's the perfect ship for freelance transporters.

Star Citizen has, to date, raised more than $43 million in funding, and recently launched its Arena Commander mode to backers.

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  • That was pretty great.

  • Kyle- On the front page after the title you accidentally put "see" instead of "sell". No biggie, but I wanted to give you a heads up! Delete this message after it is fixed if you wish.
  • Amazing, as per usual!

  • I'm really looking forward to this game. I loved eve online (i know different genre) but anything that lets me fly a space ship is a must in my book!

  • CCP is probably pretty worried right now.
  • I don't want my ship to have great fuel economy, I want it to tear through the opposition! I mean, what use is it to save on fuel if you get blown up? Of course, that may be why I run out of fuel in FTL every now and then.
  • Cool, but between this and Elite: Dangerous, I'm probably going to go with Elite. However, I won't be getting either right away. Whichever ends up having more traffic is the one I'll jump in bed with. Reason being is I'm probably going to try my hand at being a pirate. More player traffic = more opportunities at getting loot.
  • Cannot wait for this game, but I'm glad it comes out next year. Gives me time to get my computer ready.
  • Makes me want to run down to my local MISC dealer to buy one!
  • I love how they did this in the style of a pickup truck commercial.
  • hell yeah. my body is ready

  • Pathetic enemy AI even in the preview video!
  • Lol thats a *** ford f-150 commercial XD
  • I just learned that I will buy anything Admiral Hackett tells me to.
  • It's odd to think the Elite: Dangrous is doing this very thing right now. Blah. Makes me wish RSI didn't care so much about how the game looks and cared about the features it gave. See what I'm talking about? All of this is now playable. But it costs a lot to get into beta.
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  • "Mother Trucker" bumper sticker.

  • As usual.... every time i see footage from this game,to me,this keeps looking better and better... there is no doubt in my mind i am going to be playing this game.The last 5 years i have not been easyly hyped for for games.. but this game,if it delivers on all the aspects that the developers want to implement to this game... makes me want to play it so bad.
  • Just an ol' space redneck tryin' to make a livin' out here in this crazy ass universe.

  • Did anyone else notice its resemblance to the Serenity from Firefly?
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