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Gameplay Trailer Announces Arena Commander Mode Now Available To Backers

As promised last month, Star Citizen's Arena Commander mode is now available to backers, and a new trailer shows off its impressive visuals.

It came a little later than originally planned, and only by a few days – something the team over at Roberts Space Industries prefaced might happen when it announced the release date.

You can check out a new trailer for the game highlighting the newly released arena commander mode, which shows off where the game's more than $43 million in funding has been funneled. Star Citizen is a beautiful game.

For more on the release, head here for the game's May update. For more on Star Citizen, you can head here to find a hour-long presentation detailing the game's development alongside some impressive gameplay footage.

[Source: @‏RobertsSpaceInd]

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  • So totes, so rad.

  • Remember when games came with manuals? This one did, too :)

  • I think I finally understood the gameplay of this game. The objective is to buy (with real money) features. The features themselves don't matter, the most important thing is to buy them.
  • bring this to consoles!!!!!
  • The thing that sucks is that the full game is coming out in 2016, most likely fall of 2016.

  • The visuals are so crisp in this game I want to put them in a bag of chips and eat them.

  • Every time i see footage of this game,it gets better and better... im really looking forward playing this.