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Space Hulk

Space Hulk Pre-Orders Open Up On Steam

Space Hulk, the digital board game based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, is taking pre-orders now on Steam, and there's a new gameplay trailer to let us know.

Pre-ordering the game on Steam, which you can do here, nets you two DLC bonuses: a personal banner pole for multiplayer action and a Genestealer skin for single player combat.

For more on Space Hulk, you can head here to see the game's development team answer questions about the game here. Space Hulk releases on August 15.

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  • 30 dollars is a alot of money for a ios port. Every 40k game since Dawn of War came out should have a army painter built into the base game, spending 30 on a game and then selling color schemes seems ridiculously high priced.
  • The first two notes reminded me of Kingdom Hearts music.

  • Came here expecting Astronaut Bruce Banner on space adventures. Disappointed, but intrigued at the same time by the actual game.
  • I'm just going to leave this here....
  • I have and enjoy the board game, but never get to play it. I am really looking forward to this, hoping it is designed well. As far as the $30 price tag, if you take a look at the prices on everything else games-workshop does, $30 is nothing.