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Space Hulk

Developers Answer Questions From Fans

In 1989, Games Workshop released a popular board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Space Hulk featured a squad of Blood Angel Terminators against the alien Genestealers. The game has since been re-released in box form in two revised editions, and now it will be making its way to digital platforms.

The Warhammer 40,000 franchise is growing in popularity amongst video gamers. Relic Entertainment's PC Dawn of War series and multiplatform Space Marine are two different takes on the property. Space Hulk is a turn-based strategy title for one player against the AI, head to head competition, and cooperative play.

In a new video, developers address the most frequently asked questions about their adaptation. Find out the first information on upcoming expansions, customization tools, and which other Space Marine chapters might be featured in the future.

Space Hulk will arrive later this year for PC, Mac, and iOS complete with cross-platform play.

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  • they need to remake space hulk revenge of the blood angels.

  • so this is like a mobile/social type game? kinda lame... got me excited for at least a legit DLG, hopefully the people who play these kinds of games enjoy it though
  • I'm just happy to see video games being released with real chapters. :P (Sorry blood ravens, you're just weird.) Of course, playing space hulk with anything but Blangels would be kinda odd. It's tradition at this point
  • BLOOD MARINES ?! its blood angels thank you very much
  • Hope they have an army painter. Maybe even custom regular campaigns released by the developers as well. Heck it would be cool if they kept it going so it could be used by those of us too poor for more then the first free model.

  • Not what I expected but still something worth keeping an eye on.

  • This should be cool.

  • Games workshop presentations are so low budget and poor effort, take this one for example. NO gameplay NO sneek peaks just a boring guy standing next to a poster with *** awful lighting, and it was all put together on microsoft power point. With black backgrounds and boring white text.

    You would have with all the money they extort from fans they could do something worth watching. Seriously *** effort GW I am dissapointed.

  • sounds like an interesting game

  • You cant make space hulk without the Deathwing! Dark Angels baby...