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SoulCalibur II HD Online

SoulCalibur II HD Online Available Now On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

SoulCalibur II HD Online, the upgrade that takes the 2002 fighting game classic online, is now available to download on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In honor of the game's re-release, Namco Bandai has put together a launch trailer which shows off the upgraded visuals with side by side comparisons. You'll also see the formerly console exclusive Heihachi and Spawn take each other on. Link from The Legend of Zelda, who was originally exclusive to the GameCube version of SoulCalibur II, is unfortunately and unsurprisingly nowhere to be seen. I am holding out hope that he and SoulCalibur II HD Online will come to Wii U, but Namco Bandai has not announced any plans.

The game is $19.99 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more on the game, check out additional trailers here and here.

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  • The absence of Link is a deal-breaker for me. I'll stick with my GameCube.
  • Maybe if it was part of games for gold

  • It looks way better on my GameCube and for that price no way.
  • Sould've been free for ps+ members.

  • Is it just me, or did the original release look just as good/better than this one?
  • yeah sweet game, glad they remade it in hd but to pricey when i can dig it out for my older systems. to much to play on the new systems anyway

  • Can't.. too busy with GOW Ascension, Dogma, Tekken Revolution and Binary Domain. Did I mention the last three games are free?
  • This is STILL the best SC in the series, in my opinion. Happy to have it back now.
  • Well the exclusion of Link is only a deal breaker for Wii U owners, and it's not making it's way there. Has Namco Bandai released anything for Wii U?
  • Loved this game. Spawn was epic!

  • Yeah without Link it's pretty much pointless, he was the reaosn why most people liked that game. Heihachi and capeless spawn? Blarg...
  • The graphical upgrade appears to be negligible, the price is double what I would have expected, and as much as I would have liked to play as Spawn, I just can't justify spending money on this. Though I have fond memories, I don't love this entry as much as some (SC3 wss the pinnacle of the series in my opinion) so I'd rather go fire up SC5 again than drop 20 bucks on this.

  • SC2 was the last good entry in the series. I'll maybe pick this one up... too many fond memories of kicking ass as Spawn. Those axes were awesome.

  • I memory Classic Ps2 single Player Normal fight reach last Burn Man Crazy copy mix Characters fight won End interest.
  • So uhh..why was everyone expecting Link to show up when the game is releasing for Playstation and Xbox?
  • Could they have reskinned Link as somekind of generic guy, or would that have been too hard?

  • Great game and all but 20 bucks really whos gonna pay that
  • 20 buck seems a bit pricey.

  • Link was easily the most over-powered character in SC2. He was fun as hell to play as, but he could ring out, knock out and generally outclass just about every other fighter.

  • Are we going to get a review? I have been playing it all day its a blast. But the matchmaking is pretty lackluster honestly. I just am curious about what gi thinks about it.

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