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SoulCalibur II HD Online

Nightmare And Mitsurugi Duke It Out In SoulCalibur II HD Online Gameplay Video

SoulCalibur II is getting an online HD re-release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, and Namco Bandai has released a healthy dose of gameplay footage.

The video below features an unedited battle between Nightmare and Mitsurugi. I won't spoil the ending for you.

Namco Bandai isn't ready to commit to a release date for SoulCalibur II HD Online, but it will be this year, and original guest characters Heihachi and Spawn will be included. Unsurprisingly, Link will not be making an appearance, but that doesn't mean we can't hold out hope for a future Wii U version of the game with the hero of time.

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  • The effects from the soul charge and power attacks are so light. I barely see them. I only noticed Nightmare did it because of the sound. I might get this, I can still play my Gamecube and PS2 versions, so I'm on the fence.
  • Yet another game that receives a swipe from the magical hd rag. This game actually looks worse then the original
    Ps. If your going to rerelease a game at least make it worth it
  • well I still got the gamecube version, get this and I'll technically have all characters

  • oh wait... based on experience with the last 2 games I would have to speculate that the ddd(*** decisions department) at namco probably advised them to make it so heihachi and spawn couldn't battle eachother...

  • HOW does this look worse than the original? HOW?

  • no thanks...
  • The textures on the character models look like they haven't loaded completely. Soul Calibur II is my all time favorite of the series, so this makes me very interested in this re-release. However, with a preview like this, I'll wait till I see the final product before making my choice. If this is just beta footage it can be forgivable for now. But I sure hope this isn't their "HD" remakes final look.

  • Notice Classic Soul Calibur II only add Online interesting. Too Tekken Revolution Online much fun hard skill. Maybe Best Soul Calibur Lost Swords Ps3.
  • Will this have all the single-player content? Does anybody know?

  • Ugh why these two characters? I hope they make a Wii U version. I will buy it both on PS3 and on Wii U if they do.

  • WiiU and Link = Buy???

  • I'm glad that SC2 is finally making its way to PSN/XboxLive. Although, maybe it's just me, but the graphics looked...washed-out. It could be just the video quality. I'll hold off on any real opinions until I see the final product. Maybe this will prompt Namco Bandai to release the arcade version of Soul Caliber 3?

  • So the GameCube version is not revived for the Wii U?  That's just lame.  Who screwed that up?  Namco or Nintendo?

  • If this was their best foot forward on the HD project, then they need to go back and start again. Honestly the graphics look less impressive than they did on the original releases. There's no statement on whether the Sword Master mode will be in or not. Nothing new is being added aside from online play which really is not a big step. Honestly as is, I'm going to pass on this.

    Besides, I still own my Gamecube version of the game. Why would I buy an HD remake when I can just play it on my HDTV. It may not look the prettiest, but it looks better than what we got in that video.

    Namco, some advice. Instead of retreading old ground, why not IMPROVE and go forward. Soul Calibur 5 was a disappointment. The character we followed were poorly developed. The new characters were more or less just re-skinned versions of the characters you replaced. The story was subpar and uninteresting. Sorry but I'd rather see Soul Calibur 6 than Soul Calibur 2 HD Online.

  • The best thing about SCII was definitely Link.
  • HD? These graphics look worse than on the GC
  • SCII has not aged well.
  • SCII has not aged well.

  • Not buying it if there's no Link.