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Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune Wants You To Sacrifice Your Friends, Demo Coming April 16


With a wicked look in his eye, Keiji Inafune details the backstabbing underpinnings of Soul Sacrifice. Often compared to a more fantastical version of Monster Hunter, Inafune's new Comcept studio is finally bringing their first title to North America. 

In this latest trailer, which announces the demo coming on April 16, Inafune details the ways in which players will need to give of themselves and take from their friends. "If you are playing next to each other, you will see what it's like to terminate your friend's life," he says. The purpose is to create a moral dilemma and emotional reaction that Inafune believes "has never been done before."

Soul Sacrifice arrives on PlayStation Vita on April 30, 2013. Those that pre-order will receive bonus items and costumes.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Wow, that sounds really interesting. I may have to dig my Vita out of the mothballs to try the demo out.
  • I played the demo on jap psn and it was soooo awesome definitley getting This! cant wait!

  • I've been waiting for this game for so long, It looks epic. And before anyone asks it is NOT related to the soul series like demon and dark souls (which is a awesome series).
  • Sounds kind of Bioshock-ish with its sacrifice/save system. Still interested though, especially if I can actively sacrifice other players and not just npc's
  • DNRT, Cpu, Shish, Replay, and Ronnie... Sorry, but I got sacrifice you guys! *Push*

  • I already sacrificed my friends in Far Cry 3.
  • Very fascinating concept. I wonder how it works sacrificing your real life friends, though.

  • Mod

    I wish I had a Vita.

  • This game seems really awesome. Games like this make me want a Vita eventually. Although I also want to get a PS3 since there's so many games I want on that and I then there's the PS4...
  • I've been waiting for this game, since I first heard about it. Looks amazing. The PSVita needs more games like this. Day one purchase for me.

  • Hope this game does well, for the sake of the Vita. I really want to get one, myself, but I personally need 5 good exclusives to get me to make a purchase.
  • This looks and sounds quite awesome!

  • I'm so excited! If you noobs get in my way in online multiplayer I will definitely sacrifice you. Anyway, April 16th is the day the demo will be released in US. Prepare to be SACRIFICE!!!
  • Sounds awesome. Shame that I do not have a PSVita in order to give this a try.

  • this game looks amazing.  this is the definitive game that makes me want to buy a vita.

  • Everyone seems pretty positive on this. I guess I don't really understand how killing yourself or your friends is supposed to help you.

    I'd also say it's a bit naive for him to think this game will elicit any new emotions. Players will sacrifice other players without a second thought. This isn't The Walking Dead, there's no weight behind these decisions. It sounds like it's kill or be killed.
  • Well this emotional thing might work among best friends coop but lots of people play with people they don´t know nd will not give a *** about sacrificing others -.-
  • Now I can see if I'm going to be horrible at this game before buying it!

  • This should be fun, hehehe.

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