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Sony's New Soul Sacrifice Trailer Features Monsters

Keiji Inafune's upcoming Soul Sacrifice looks a lot like Monster Hunter, but you can see the action for yourself in this new gameplay trailer.

Check out the last Soul Sacrifice trailer here. Soul Sacrifice will be out in Japan in a few weeks, and hit America on April 30.

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  • This might be the game that's gets me back on my Vita.
  • i cant wait for this game!! has great graphics, and looks like really good game play. weird it kind of reminds me of dark souls...?
  • Wish this was a PS3 game.
  • Soulllll Sacrifice
  • this game looks awesome, too bad it is for the vita....
  • Seems interesting. I'll take anything that looks entertaining when it comes to the Vita. I've had mine practically a year now and I've played all the good games out now so its getting kind of hard to find something new.

  • That it does.

  • Since Monster Hunter has jumped over to Nintendo consoles only, this may be the next best thing. Especially if the online is well-done.
  • i'm going to pick this game up when it comes out Can't wait :) but hopefully there's a versus multiplayer that doesn't require you to always aim at someones back... like Demon/Dark souls :/ (still good games back man it's like fighting for the persons backside)

  • The way it said Soul Sacrifice reminds me of when old arcade games said the title of their game. The armor is pretty interesting looking.
  • monster hunter like on vita. yehey.

  • Obviously a Monster Hunter clone, but it looks great. I sort of dig the whole Dark Souls look (probably my favorite atmostphere ever in a game), and I think it goes hand-in-hand with what they're trying to do. I will wait on some more gameplay videos, and see what's up. I don't have a Vita, but if this has some content with good gameplay to back it up I might go for it. I will probably be too busy with Monster Hunter around this time though.
  • I'm really looking forward to this game! Can't wait to play it.

  • Dont know why but it really just doesnt look good to me.

  • ****, that Defiance trailer is getting annoying.
  • This game is one of the reasons I really need to pick up a Vita!

  • Those character animations are ROUGH. Monster Hunter has been recycling the same animations since the PS2 and those still blow this out of the water. Could still be a good game, but visually not quite up to snuff considering its competition.
  • Weird how no one has a weapon.
  • That's what I'm talking bout! This may be the first Vita game that I actually pay for.
  • Cant wait for this one.

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