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Enter Sorcery's Nightmare World

Sony's Sorcery is perhaps one of the few bright spots currently for the Move peripheral, and as the game approaches its May 22 release date on PS3 Sony is offering some new details on the title.

The trailer below tells of apprentice Finn's journey (along with his talking cat Erline) through the Faerie World and his quest to defeat the Nightmare Queen.

Judging by the trailer, Sorcery is clearly appealing to a slightly younger audience, but it'll be interesting to see if the gameplay is robust enough to draw in the core crowd.

For more on the game, check out Ben's hands-on time with the game earlier this year.

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  • The Harry Sorcerer's Apprentice? And did I just hear Ichigo's voice in this trailer?

    Anyway, I remember this game from E3. It's looking pretty cool so far, though the face on the main character looks a tad bit weird.
  • perfect game for the move and for kids
  • I can't believe I watched that entire trailer. So, what? You just stand around in your living room waving your PS Move remote about? Oooo, exciting...
  • I can't believe I watched that entire trailer. So, what? You just stand around in your living room waving your PS Move remote about? Oooo, exciting...
  • This seems to be about the only good game for move. All the others make me painfully aware that I'm holding the flashing wand in my hand, waving it around like I'm at a 1970's disco. I'm not going to buy it, but I really hope they get a demo out.
  • I guess if I had a PS Move, I'd be excited to know they were still making games for it.  Looks like a decently fun game for the youthful crowd.

  • That box art sure does pop, it looks good. Hopefuly this will be the title that Sony needs to push more of their Move units.

  • If Finn is in this game, where is Jake? (+10 internets if you get what I'm referencing)
  • I've been waiting for this! I hope it lives up to all the hype!

  • For some reason this game looks like a hybrid mash up of Dark Souls and Harry Potter. Is it just me? Anyways, I hope it turns out good, since Move is way underutilized despite being a bit more conventional and easier to develop for Kinect (which Sony seriously should have taken advantage of).
  • You guys should do a Test Chamber for this one with picture in picture.  I'm sure hilarity will ensue.  

  • Hmmm...a talking cat you say.Now that my freinds, is an innovation in gaming!

  • *nods* I approve. The game seems to have come along nicely from the tech demo that got everyone all hyped up months back. Some games are developed for younger audiences... get over it.
  • Sadly i already sold all my move stuff. Awsome piece of tech but there was nothing coming out for it. The only game i truely enjoyed with it was killzone 3. Oh well.

  • Meh?  Game looks lame and the Move is going to die.

  • That is some of the ugliest box-art I've ever seen. It looks like it came from the anus of a Harry Potter game.

  • Its good to see the game being confidently displayed like this, after a long absence some were expecting the worst for the title, but it remains a promising push for the Move.  I'm also relieved to see the trailer taking itself seriously in a way, its too common for these motion controlled games to feature the corny scene of kids waving the controller around the happy living room, so its great that this game is being treated with respect.

  • jeez the boxart looks like it's for the original xbox

  • I was thinking about picking up the Move since the wife enjoyed trying it out at a store and this might actually be able to hold my attention.

  • If I can demo this in Best Buy or something and it plays well, I may be convinced to finally purchase a PS3. Time will tell.

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