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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

The Blue Hedgehog Goes Fast In New Sonic Boom Trailer

In an attempt to breathe new life into its classic franchise, Sega is rebooting the famed hedgehog with Sonic Boom. Despite a rocky decade, Sonic remains one of the most iconic characters in video game history.

This new trailer details story information and provides a few glimpses of gameplay. While Eggman is returning to some capacity, it looks as though a more pronounced and ancient evil will be taking the mantle of main antagonist this time around.

Sonic Boom will bring new mechanics and characters to supplement the 3D platforming gameplay when it releases this November. Be sure to look at our recent preview on the game and learn about Sticks, the newest character on Sonic's team.

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  • Are we at least going to get some more girl-on-hedgehog action?
  • What use does a hedgehog have for a shemagh?

  • this is ripe for cos-play

  • I'm pretty sure Sega and Nintendo will release a demo for this game and I really wanna try it.

  • Looks pretty cool. But then again that's what I thought of Sonic: Lost Worlds. I will wait and see on this. If I have learned anything about Sonic, it's to not have high expectations.

  • Reminds of classic PS2 3D platformers. Hopefully a good sign.

  • SONIC BOOM!!! (Guile hits sonic)

  • They need to do Adventure 3 Battle next.
  • I'm really looking forward to this. Hopefully there'll be a demo ready by then.

  • It's like a movie trailer! this looks like so much fun. And I haven't play a Sonic game in... a while. Didn't the bad guys name used to be Dr. Robotnik?