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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

New Character Announced

Today, Sega unveiled a new Sonic Boom character: the jungle badger Sticks. Sticks is a new addition to the Sonic universe and will play a major part in Sonic Boom as one of the core ensemble members alongside Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles.

Before meeting her friends, Sticks spent most of her life alone in the wilderness and still has plenty to learn about how to interact with others. For more about the new addition to the cast, watch her announcement trailer.


For more info on Sonic Boom, check out our announcement coverage or this nine minute behind-the-scenes video. Sonic Boom is being developed for Wii U by Big Red Button and 3DS by Sanzaru. Both are planned for release later this year. 

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  • Is she from the sticks?
  • Although I'm still not a fan of these designs - particularly Sonic and Knuckles, as their proportions seem off - I am pretty hopeful about the quality of this game. They seem to be at least attempting to take the series in a new, better direction. At the very least, hopefully this vision is better than Lost World.
  • Think guys, we need a creative name for this character. Hmmm, what about sticks. PERFECTION
  • Guile aproves

  • There better be a character named Stones now :P
  • Mod

    P... Penelo?

  • Kill me now.
  • Is this what we're calling gaming news in the summer months? Damn! Haha
  • Geez! When did Knuckles start taking steroids?
  • Hairy cheeks Houlihan?
  • I love Sonic. Grew up with him. Knuckles has always been a bad'mutha'. So my question. What in the world happened to Knuckles? He looks like a brute now. Is this a new change or did I miss it and it was featured in a previous game? Not to mention, the placement of his hand spikes now? Does he not climb anymore? Has he switch from 'Knuckles' and this is his brother, 'Backhand'? Regarding Sticks, I always welcome new characters to the Sonic Cast. I loved Shadow (a lot), and Silver was pretty awesome as well. I say bring on more characters! (Edit, I can't space my paragraphs anymore!)
  • Sega...what are you doing?? SEGA...STAAAAHP!!
  • NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SEGA! Stop adding more characters to a series full of them!

  • Well, I am glad to see that the creators for this Sonic title stuck to the creative method of choosing names for their characters.

  • Seems like this thread can be summarized with this:

    [Fan rage intensifies]

  • What have they done to my childhood?????

  • Sonic better be fast this time. I will say it once and I will say it again: Sonic sucks at platforming!

  • It's funny because some of the side characters are one issue a lot of people have taken umbrage at in the past.

    Bigs the cat!

  • what a grating voice acting choice

  • Well, that's the first design I can actually say I like other then the apathy I've been feeling about the rest. Also nice to see another new Sonic character that doesn't come across as kind of stupid like Shadow the Edgehog or Silver.

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