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Sega Announces Sonic Boom

Sega has announced the new Sonic game – Sonic Boom – and the Wii U/3DS game is part of a larger strategy that includes a new TV show.

The game is the third and final title as part of Sega and Nintendo's partnership, and the trailer below says the game is "coming soon." The two versions of the title are being handled by two different western studios – Big Red Button Entertainment (Wii U version) and Sanzaru Games (3DS).

Sonic Boom will also be related to a new CG animated TV series as well as a toy line.

A new Sonic game was recently reported (which Sega refuted), and it was supposed to also appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – which today's announcement makes no mention of.

We'll have more on Sonic Boom shortly, so stay tuned! 

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  • I don't know how to feel
  • What the hell is wrong with Knuckles? Looks like he's been shooting up roids.
  • Boom goes the dynamite.

  • I guess since the last few Sonic games weren't doing so well, Knuckles must have taken up a second job as a line Backer
  • I was not expecting that song to be playing on the trailer. Also, Knuckles doesn't look right to me.
  • So much yes.

  • I guess since the last few Sonic games weren't doing so well, Knuckles must have taken up a second job as a line Backer

  • I don't like that it is coming soon. Lost World came out last year, seems like another cash grab.

  • Anybody else get a crash Bandicoot vibe from that?
  • I can't wait for the sequel "Hadoken" and by extention every other sequel listing of SF moves.

    Also wtf did I just watch???

  • When the dub-step started I lost hope for this game. All I can say is I really hope this and the show is the only things that keep this new design cause Knuckles is just... Hmmmm.

  • Hmm. Maybe this will be the game that actually turns things around for the brand. It looks good, the voice acting seems much better, but it really has to play well to win.

  • Hopefully, it's a return to form for this tumultuous franchise.

  • Knuckles needs to be renamed Biceps. Change that and ditch the dubstep, and they can count me in! It looks quite enjoyable.

  • Well....


    This is what I'd call a 'unique' art style, I guess.

  • Please oh please oh PLEASE include the song Sonic Boom from Sonic CD! That reason alone would make this the first Sonic game I've purchased in years.
  • This looks.... not bad but Knuckles looks weird. I need to see more gameplay though.

  • Sanzaru is not too bad. They did a good job with Sly 4. I was hoping they were hard at work on Sly 5 though...

  • the character models kinda suck but if can make the sonic games good again, i will be happy

  • My childhood is being ruined one game announcement at a time...
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