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Sniper Elite 3

Release Date, Pre-Order DLC, And Collector's Edition Announced

505 Games has announced a release date, pre-order program, and collector’s editions for Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 3. Sniper Elite 3 will release on July 1 in North America, and it will include DLC titled Hunt The Grey Wolf as a pre-order bonus.

Hunt The Grey Wolf is a mission where your goal is to assassinate Adolf Hitler in an alternate retelling of history. Hitler and his double have embarked on a secret trip to North Africa, your job is to stealthily infiltrate the Libyan town of Tobruk and determine which Hitler is real one.

The collector’s edition of Sniper Elite 3 will include: an ammo tin box, dossier, three exclusive ammo and weapon DLC packs, playing cards, a shooting range target, dog tag, and a bullet-shaped laser pointer. The collector’s edition will go for $69.99 and are only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The PC version will release ahead of its console counterparts on June 27. If you’re unfamiliar with the Sniper Elite series, check out this developer blog highlighting the franchises’ signature feature: the Kill-Cam.  

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  • Cant wait for this game! I really loved Sniper Elite V2, I just hope they add more coop options this time.

  • Really looking forward to this game, I enjoyed the last installment. Def picking it up since it will be released in my bday for the PC.
  • Although I wish it would stick with the regenerative health and being a little more forgiving in that aspect, this seems to be improving upon the other elements of V2 greatly.
  • That's one of the best CE package's for that price I've ever seen. Might jump on it.

  • I'm pretty happy that they're having another Assassinate the Fuhrer mission. I hope it's easier to place a brutal shot on the guy.

  • Mod

    It sounds as if it will be more open world (like the original game), which was my main gripe with V2. But the reboot was still a solid title and am looking forward to this.

  • North Africa is my favorite part to read about of WW2. I never purchased any other Sniper Elite but I may need to get this one.

  • Xbone exclusive huh?
  • That's a sweet collectors edition. Now which system should I buy it for?

  • Wow, a mission to kill Hitler and his double. I wonder how that's going to play out?
  • It might sound like a stupid complaint, but I really want my sniper to have a hat. I don't know why. It just seems right. Can't wait! I hope they bring in more of the features and atmosphere from the original, too. V2 was great, still.
  • Everything's looks pretty good so far, but is there still going to be a coop mode?