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Sniper Elite 3

New Kill-Cam Adds Gruesome Detail

Rebellion has released a new developer blog video detailing its latest iteration of the Sniper Elite series' signature X-ray Kill-Cam. The updated slow-motion camera includes better sound and more detailed gore.

The Kill-Cam in Sniper Elite V2 depicted bullets piercing through three layers of the human body: skin, bones, and organs. For Sniper Elite 3, Rebellion is adding two more layers: muscles and the circulatory system. The X-ray Kill-Cam is the Sniper Elite series' most well-known feature, and the new detail promises to add even more spectacle to kill shots.

The video also details work Rebellion has done with sound design. Sound captured from various high speed vehicles was reworked and inserted when watching the bullet travel in slow motion. Additionally, the team at Rebellion captured sound of themselves smashing fruit and vegetables to use for when bullets hit a body. The Kill-Cam will also be used on vehicles in Sniper Elite 3, to show what happens when you bullets collide with the inner workings of machines like a car engine.  

Be sure to check out our previous coverage on Sniper Elite 3, as well as our editorial about the series' controversial Kill-Cam feature.

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  • Pretty standard third-person-shooter but that kill cam made SEv2 such a gratifying, gloriously gruesome game. On a more important note, can you still shoot off Nazi' testicles?
  • I think the shouldmove on from WWII after his game, and fallow Carlos Hathcock in vietnam. Also a modern etting would not be ideal, but fallowing Chris Kyle could be interisting.
  • My Dad LOVES this game and actually got me into it. I love the changes they've made for this one to bring it up to current graphical and gameplay quality. Looking forward to this!

  • The guy talking the most reminds me of Lord Varys

  • Mod

    SEV2 was a good game but I missed the free roam design of the original game. If they do bring that back it will be a welcome return to its roots and part of what made the concept so rewarding in the first place.

  • the last one wasn't really up to par in my opinion, it had some neat ideas but not all well rounded

  • I honestly didn't even know that a third one was in the works...

  • "One of the key reasons for going into all that detail is to illustrate why people were so frightened of snipers in world war 2..." lol total bullcrap. They've done it because kids want to see gore and it will sell games. People were (are) scared of snipers because they kill you. That is all. If it wasn't for this one trick, these games wouldn't sell very well at all because they are, to be frank, not very good. Oh, and lol at the testicles @ 1:58
  • What's more interesting is the new vehicular damage kill-cam that shows how combustion engines explode and whatnot. Suhweeet.

  • sweet I think that this is one of the best sniper series out, very cool

  • HOLY CRAP was that second guy dan ryckerts twin? the liquid to his solid???

  • Loved #2 this is a day one buy for me.

  • Wow, looks freaking awesome. Can't wait.